OPINION: The presidential debate was a good joke? Right? What does the internet think?

By Scott Boyce ’22, Staff Writer

By Scott Boyce ’22, Staff Writer

The presidential debate happened and with it, came a swarm of memes, jokes, and drinking games all over the internet. 

Whatever your feelings are about the candidates, this will not be a discussion about who was right and who should win. This is mainly meant to be a point as to how the entire world collectively came together to point and laugh at those TRYING to run our country.

There was a point where it was orderly held, both of them pointing things out, making claims for the people, and then it turned into what could be classified as babies fighting. A debate is usually held and it’s both parties taking turns and really trying to get an electoral edge over the other candidates right? Well why is someone like Trump making the claim “well I brought back football” in a PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE?

The debate truly devolved into nothing but two grown men going back and forth and constantly being told to stop and follow along with the rules of two minutes per candidate. Mostly on Trump’s end and it became relatively hard to really pay attention and get anything done. There’s a reason why this debate is 30 minutes longer than the one way back in 2016.

While this debate was going on, the internet was roaring in trying to either call this “the worst presidential debate” or trying to turn this entire debate into a joke.

One the same day, the entirety of Twitter came together to make “drinking games” on the two candidates and whoever said or did something, they’d take a drink. 

Speaking of drinks, if you were to go onto Twitter on the 29th, you’d be flooded with people posting about drinking in order to really make this whole debate a lot worse than it was. 

Memes were obviously made from this debate and one of them came in the form of a “nutshell” video which essentially runs you through what 2 hours of Trump is like and here’s the link for it.

WATCH: Trump/Biden Debate In A Nutshell

This debate was a huge mess when it came to being something relatively serious and kept together. Biden was mostly composed until the biggest thing that happened during the debate happened.

This was essentially another nutshell of the entire debate where Biden got tired of Trump being Trump and literally told him to shut his mouth. Catharsis and laughs were most likely had at this point in time and even most news outlets like New York Times and NBC have videos of this event.

No matter what, the internet tore this debate apart whether it be commenters or people in general, there was no saving this debate, there was already blood in the water for most people.

Make sure you vote for whoever you deem worthy of running our country but most of all, make sure to stay safe and don’t tear each other apart for your opinion.

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