BOYCE: Movies, shows, games and more to scare you this Halloween

By Scott Boyce ’22, Staff Writer

By Scott Boyce ’22, Staff Writer

It’s almost that time to get dressed in costumes and try to keep the tradition of keeping the spooks and scares alive.

But most of us are locked in and don’t really plan on going out to party Well if you’re looking for things to do that’ll scare you this halloween, then I’ve got some recommendations for you!

Let’s start with the usual recommendations for those who wanna get scared; the original horror movies.

  • Friday the 13th
  • Halloween
  • Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Child’s Play
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre

If you’re looking for something more violent and grotesque, go ahead and watch the Saw movies. Just make sure you’ve got a strong stomach.

If you’re looking for something a lot less violent and more cutesy or just easier on your heart, go ahead and watch something like the following.

  • Corpse Bride
  • The Nightmare before Christmas
  • Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin

A few other cartoon recommendations would be Scary Godmother, or even the NUMEROUS amounts of halloween specials. 

You can walk 2 steps and somehow find another halloween special whether it be the numerous Regular Show halloween specials or even the variety of other cartoon specials from some kind of cartoon.

Aside from watching, what about playing? What should you PLAY during this spooky season? Well I hope you’re ready to fumble around in the dark with a pair of headphones tonight.

Starting with the heavy hitters would be:

  • Silent Hill’s 1-4
  • Resident Evil’s 1,2,3,4,7
  • 1 Remake
  • 2 Remake
  • Dead Space 1 and 2

But that all depends on what you want out of your horror games.
If you want proper survival horror, then go through the path of Silent Hill and Resident Evil along with anything that branches off of those games like Lost in Vivo and Dead Space.

If you’re looking more to be scared and defenseless then take a look at games akin to Amnesia: The Dark Descent with games like Outlast and Alien: Isolation. Just pay attention to your surroundings and listen out for anything and you should be fine. These games are all about getting immersed and really feeling the helplessness of your character as you attempt to do what you need to in order to proceed.

Whether you’re planning on going out and having fun safely, still attempting to keep the spirit of Halloween alive amidst the 2020 air or you’re more interested in gathering your friends over for some spooks, make sure you know what you’re going in for.

Mind your fears or overcome them, just know that it’s all about enjoying the holidays and really staying together.

Enjoy the recommendations whether you be a movie goer and even a gamer, but most of all, remember to preserve the atmosphere and really soak in every horrifying minute of your experience this Halloween. Have fun!

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