Quarantine, isolation, Staying at home: How to make Thanksgiving break less lonely

Scott Boyce ’22, Staff Writer

Gourds at Wickham Farms (Photo by Erin Reilly)

By Scott Boyce ’22, Staff Writer

Many of us are looking forward to Thanksgiving as it’s going to be an escape from 2020.

However, there are those who are either stuck in their dorms or a hotel of some kind due to them living in another state entirely so it’s going to be hard to really celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. For those of you who are stuck where you are there are a variety of alternatives to really celebrate Thanksgiving to its fullest, at least the fullest as you can make it without other people.

Sure you can’t really go and get a turkey but there are other foods to go for and settle with. To some it would be heresy to not eat certain foods during thanksgiving but sometimes you must make do to just do what you can to preserve it all.

To keep the mood intact, keep an eye out for the Parade Floats, always waking up to them is a fun time and even when you’re so far away you somehow still feel connected to the enjoyment of other people. If you’re in the mood for cartoons, seek out some holiday specials whether they be as common as Charlie Brown or as rare as something like Over the Garden wall, something released in November a few years back.

Are zoom calls a possibility? Then try your best to get some food and see if you can keep the spirit of Thanksgiving still alive despite the distance between you and your family. If zoom is not in the cards currently, then try your best to keep in touch with your family. Keeping in touch and connecting with your family however you can is what can also keep the fire of Thanksgiving burning.

It’s going to be difficult for some as being so separated is going to really bring down the mood and your entire state of being for a while. If you’re feeling depressed about Thanksgiving, please make sure to stay positive and keep your head up. Just wish your family and friends a happy and safe holiday as you just relax and have a nice day off.

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