BOYCE: What you can do with two months of winter break

Scott Boyce ’22, Staff Writer

Photo from Pexels
Photo from Pexels

By Scott Boyce ’22, Staff Writer

The fall semester is almost over and we’re going to have a LONG break until we come back to classes in February. What can you do during that break? There’s a variety of things to possibly do while we’re free for the next two months. There’s so many things you could possibly do and learn in order to really come back and go into 2021 as a new person! Well one of the things you can definitely do along with everyone is just relax and settle down. Catch up on a few shows or even get to whatever backlog you had due to how busy you were during the semester.

Everyone deserves to take a step back and really relax after ALL that has happened during the year so if you don’t plan on doing anything and just want to rest, that’s a totally valid option. If you’re not down to just lay about and you want to get something done, then focus on your work. No matter what you do, having a stable income and keeping said income would benefit you in the long run. So keep whatever job you have or if you don’t like it, go and search for another one. Just remember to keep your head on straight and stay safe.

Another option would be to go into learning something new. Learn how to draw, learn how to make videos, or even learn how you could improve yourself.  Giving yourself a new avenue to work with and broadening your skill set can only benefit you in the long run. It could benefit you in getting a job or even just to make you a more well rounded person in general. Having a decent skill set is never a bad thing. Just remember to learn and practice in moderation.

Feeling down on yourself? Take some time to yourself and really try to better your own self-esteem and come back to school a stronger and more stable person. Everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves and is allowed to grow. Just make sure you grow and change right. Feeling unsure of what to do even now? Start planning, think about what you want to do once all of your finals are turned in and your classes are finished. Always thinking one step ahead and getting a head start on your plans for the break never hurt anyone. We’ve got a lot of time to consider from today until the finals come around and sure, you’re probably not going to really think about your plans right now. That’s fine, focus on your finals but at the very least give yourself some time to think about the coming break and maybe plan out what you want to do.

All of what was listed are merely suggestions but if you can think of anything else to do, go ahead and do it for the break, all of the choices laid out here are completely valid options. No matter what you think of doing, stay safe and a have a nice time and be ready for the next semester.

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