BOYCE: Looking for a new game to play? Try Yakuza 0

Scott Boyce ’22, Staff Writer

By Scott Boyce ’22, Staff Writer

Looking for a new game to play over the break? Play Yakuza 0.

Break is fast approaching and so are the finals, but once all is said and done what is there to do? Well there’s many things to do and one of those things to do is a mere recommendation from me to you.

Are you looking for action? Do you want a game where you can explore a small yet incredibly lively town with wacky side-stories? Do you want a rough and emotional crime-drama about a man trying to escape the Yakuza world and bring justice to those around him? Do you just wanna hurt some thugs you decide to pick a fight with you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I’d highly recommend you give Yakuza 0 a try.

Well why 0 and not THE FIRST GAME? Well that’s because chronologically, this IS this first game in the franchise and it’s an amazing first step into the franchise as it sets everything up and remembers all the games relevant to it while also making cheeky call backs and references to later games as well.

Now what about the story? Well Yakuza 0 takes place in December of 1988 and is split between two characters; Kazuma Kiryu in the bustling town of Kamurocho and Goro Majima in the restless Sotenbori. Both of which caught up in their own web of troubles, conspiracies, and people to fight for. 

The game’s story is amazing as it does everything that it needs to in order to get you invested and keep you hooked. The characters that are relevant are all likable and the ones that aren’t will make you remember them and think about them for a good amount of time. Everything that’s relevant has eventual payoff and the story just keeps on going in the best ways imaginable. If you’re ready for a good story, buckle up and be prepared to be emotionally cause this story does NOT pull its punches.

The gameplay? It’s simple but effective. You’re not gonna be busting your hands to learn boss patterns, combos, effective style usage, and general Devil May Cry-isms. However you’ll do SOME of that if you want to be good at the game and eventually come out on top without a heaping load of HP restoratives.

There are three styles and a secret 4th style if you’re a good player who likes to do sub-stories. 

Brawler/Thug are Kiryu/Majima’s main style and the most consistent style to work with as it’s a very all around style.

Rush/Breaker are the agility and speed based styles that focus on dodges or just stylish destruction.

Beast/Slugger are more about just being slow and bashing some skulls in, they have their applications but are a bit more niche in use. The streets of Kamurocho are your best friend/worst enemy. Kiryu has an easier time due to his stance picking up weapons automatically while Majima has to deal with his bat colliding with the walls.

The music is incredibly varied and fits each mood it’s trying to set as well as just being some REALLY good tunes. Here are a few examples of the music.

One-eyed Assassin

Oath of Demon

Parry Addiction


If you’re ever interested in picking up Yakuza 0, please do, it’s available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC all for $20 and since the holiday season is right around the corner, it’ll be on sale most likely. The game is only 20 hours long and if you intend on going for side content and just having fun, well, expect that time to either double or triple once you’re done with it. Just enjoy the ride and make sure you’re ready to feel, cause you’re gonna be in for a ride.

Always remember your best buddy Blem. Cause you never know what he might recommend next.

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