BOYCE: A COVID ridden Valentines? How you can celebrate safely

By Scott Boyce ’22, Staff Writer

(Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash)

Valentine’s day is coming up and historically, people love to celebrate it with candy, gifts, and most of all, a time with those we love. However, COVID-19 is still a problem, so how  do we partake in the festivities?  

Well here are a few tips for those who have Valentines in mind and for those who believe in “Singles Awareness Day” I’ve got some tips for you as well, don’t worry.

For those of you who have people in mind for your Valentines and wish to hang out, make sure you do so safely and maintain social distancing as not to give each other a sickness neither of you want. If both of you are clean and are in a safe space with only the two of you, please continue to take precautions to avoid COVID-19 entirely. Chocolates and gift baskets are a pleasant treat but safety is a far more important task to uphold. 

For those of you who are taking part in Valentines from the other side of a screen, you’re fine, enjoy the times with your loved ones with a movie, a game or just general conversation. Enjoy Valentines Day and have a good time.

Now for those of you who don’t have Valentines in mind but just want to treat the day as another day, please stay safe and take care of yourself. Wearing a mask to go out, social distancing, the regular rules that everyone should be accustomed to and should be following. For some Valentine’s day is a depressing reminder but think of the day as a means to cherish your loved ones or your best friends. The other option is to just kind of relax and treat it like any other day, just colored pink and full of chocolate and one of those can be easily bought to just relax and munch on as the day goes by.

Valentine’s Day is a mixture of things for a mixture of people and it’s complicated to really narrow things down when it comes to this day. Just try to enjoy the day as it comes and make sure you’re on top of things. Love is a beautiful thing but when you’re swamped with work, you really can’t make plans effectively enough without sacrificing possible time to really work and get to making said plans. So before Valentine’s Day really rolls around please make sure you’re doing the following.
1). Taking care of your work and ensuring that you can spend as much time as wanted/needed with your Valentine.

2.) If said plans are to go outside and enjoy the day together, please make sure you’ve taken all the necessary precautions to go out safely.

3.) If you’re a person who’s not celebrating the day, then by all means still take care of yourself and whatever work needs to be done. Days can’t be enjoyed with mounds of work needing to be finished.

If all is said and done, enjoy your 13th and have a very safe day.

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