Students grateful S-P-U grading continues for third semester

By John Pagano, Staff Writer

St. John Fisher College has elected to continue the S-P-U grading system for the third consecutive semester and many students have been grateful. 

The S-P-U policy allows students to earn credits for classes while not factoring the results into their overall GPA. With this policy students have the ability to select S-P-U (Satisfactory, Passing or Unsatisfactory) for any course they feel the need to. Students can choose to apply this to any class this semester. 

“I think that the S-P-U option is very helpful because with classes on zoom, it can be hard sometimes to fully understand the material,” Sophomore Cade Clouthier said. “When we were sent home last fall, I know that many of my friends had to get a job and it was hard for them to balance school and work, so I think that the S-P-U helps a lot.”

It is important to note that there is no maximum or minimum limit to the number of courses that students can take the S-P-U grading policy for. All Nursing, Education, and Business majors should refer to the school website to read the S-P-U guidelines regarding specific classes.

S‐P‐U Letter Designation:

  • S Satisfactory ‐ Equivalent to an assigned A, A‐, B+, B, B‐, C+, or C. Earns credit, is not included in GPA calculations.
  • P Passing ‐ Equivalent to an assigned C‐, D+, D, or D‐. Earns credit, is not included in the GPA calculations.
  • U Unsatisfactory – Equivalent to an assigned F. Does not earn credit, is not included in GPA calculations.




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