Meet the new Student Government Association vice president

By Adelisa Badzic '24, Staff Writer

SGA Vice President Jenna Vinoya (Photo provided)

By Adelisa Badzic ’24, Staff Writer

It is that time of the year when St. John Fisher College students vote for student government representatives in the hope to make a change suitable for all of Fisher’s community.

This is the first year that there is a vice president for the Student Government Association. In previous years, SGA has had vice presidents that served specific roles, such as vice president of Finance or vice president of Student Services. Now there is a bigger position for all.

With the votes counted last week, the new Student Government Association Vice President is Jenna Vinoya. 

Vinoya ‘24 is a nursing major who grew up in Fremont, California. Her family comes from the Philippines. Vinoya has previously held the chief of staff position with SGA and is now moving up hoping to make more changes. She wants to be a voice and be an advocate for students in the community. 

“As vice president, I hope to help make the campus more diverse, and thinking about what we can do to push different cultures and backgrounds, I believe that I can bring some from a personal perspective as well,” Vinoya said. 

In addition to her new role, Vinoya is a service scholar and a student ambassador. She is also a part of the Murphy Residence Hall Association.  In her free time, Vinoya enjoys shopping, going to museums and parks.

Vinoya stated that despite her position in SGA, she is still a college student and understands the struggle of college, which is why she hopes to make a difference and help students understand your mental health is important.

“People have advocated for having breaks and wellness days, I do see hope in the fall where our academic calendar looks more normal like before, but I want to keep pushing for more resources for students.”

Vinoya will be SGA vice president until spring of 2022, when there will be another election.

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