Cardinal Cafe space renovated into new gaming room, Fisher gamers excited

By Jenna Costello '22, Staff Writer

School officials have replaced the former Cardinal Cafe space into a gaming room. (Photo by Jenna Costello)

By Jenna Costello ’22, Staff Writer

With restrictions placed on St. John Fisher College students due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the College has been working to create more on-campus opportunities to safely socialize.

One of these new developments is a gaming room. Located in what used to be the Cardinal Cafe, the gaming room is stocked with monitors, several gaming chairs, an XBox, PlayStation and many board games. 

There are some students who are disappointed with the decision. “I loved having the option of being able to grab a quick smoothie and a nice snack after practice,” said sophomore Lyndsay O’Brien, “The variety of nutritional choices was awesome”. However, the college has been looking for a space to replace Cardinal Cafe for the past few years.

The concept of a space dedicated specifically for gaming has been under review for about three years, and this February it finally came to life. Before the new gaming room was introduced, members of the Fisher Gaming Club had to fight to reserve space in Mainstage in order to play together. 

Over the last six months, Todd Harrison, Chair of the Sports Management Department, and several others have collaborated to plan, renovate and furnish the new gaming room so that it can become a comfortable place for gamers of all levels to interact. 

“This room is intended to support the students who are playing competitively and those who just wanted to hang out with friends and play recreationally.” Harrison said the space elevates gaming culture and provides a home for those college students who are regular or occasional gamers. 

Other members of the Gaming Club are excited about the new addition because it opens many doors for the gaming community. According to senior Nicholas Bifano, the new gaming room will make it possible for Fisher students to participate in programs like Esports, a form of competitive level gaming. 

“Having a space like this where everyone can be together and coordinate strengthens teamwork and creates an actual competitive environment. And, on a more casual note, having this space allows students to hang out together, play games and foster new relationships” said Bifano.

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