How Fisher adjusted tour policies to keep community safe

By Madison Weber ’23, Staff Writer and Social Media Editor

By Madison Weber ’23, Staff Writer and Social Media Editor

This year, St. John Fisher College has eliminated nearly all off-campus visitors, except for tours of potential incoming freshmen. However, the school feels that they have put proper safeguards and policies in place to protect the school community. 

Stacy Ledermann, Director of Freshman Admissions provided insight into the process of getting new visitors on campus in a safe manor. 

Guests must have a temperature screen at home, must pre-register and will be undergoing a screening process once on campus. In the case of contact tracing being necessary, the admissions office maintains a visitor log in order to make tracing possible after a visit. 

Additionally, rather than large group tours each student and their family now has their own personal tour guide so they do not come into contact with other families. 

Restricted areas on campus, like residence halls and dining halls, protect current students and even faculty from situations in which they may be unmasked and exposed to visitors. All visitors must wear a mask at all times, as well as remaining socially distant from others. 

Incoming student and future Cardinal, nursing major Ryan Trombly, attended a visit earlier this year. When asked if he felt the tour was helpful, he said definitely. 

“It helped me because the first time I went to Fisher, was in November 2019. Going back a second time helped me remember what Fisher was like.” Trombly  and his mother completed all necessary COVID-19 screening processes, and actually enjoyed the one on one experience of the tour. While Trombly was unable to visit residence halls and the dining hall, he felt it was okay because he had seen them on a previous visit in 2019. Overall, Trombly said he felt very safe on his visit to Fisher. 

Student ambassador and tour guide Rachel Van Deusen is on the opposite end of the tour experience. 

Prior to tours this semester, she was trained in ensuring social distancing and following precautions from both the CDC and the college. A popular question from families is what COVID-19 means for student life, however Van Deusen always clarifies that Fisher does in fact still have things for students to do. 

“I definitely felt safe. All of the families that came to tour Fisher were very respectful and followed guidelines.”

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