Search begins for interns for program that teaches students about higher ed

By Gabby Garcy '21, Staff Writer

By Gabby Garcy ’21, Staff Writer

The St. John Fisher College Executive Internship Program is in the process of choosing interns for the 2021-2022 academic year. Originally established during the fall of 2016, the executive internship program offers positions in six different offices on campus.

Students are able to intern in:

  • the Office of Institutional Advancement
  • the Office of Financial Affairs
  • the Office of Marketing and Communications 
  • the Office of the President
  • the Office of Student Affairs
  • and the Office of Enrollment Management 

According to Director of Alumni and Constituent Engagement Teah Terrance, each internship has a general description but then students are able to work with their supervisor to tailor the internship to their specific goals.

When the program first began it was set with three distinctive goals. The college wanted to provide students with a better understanding of higher education as a whole, give students more internship opportunities on campus and to educate interns on professional development skills.

“A spectacular thing about the internship is the networking. You meet a lot of cool people, a lot of alumni, a lot of people in higher positions or companies and that increases your amount of opportunities you get after college,” Current Institutional Advancement Executive Intern Jack Laino said. 

One of the internship requirements is helping to choose interns for the following year. Current interns conduct the first round of interviews with candidates and get an inside perspective on the interview process. After the first round, students will interview with supervisors in different offices depending on where current interns believe they would be a good fit for.

Executive Internship programs are found at other universities nationwide. Terrance believes that what is important about our program is that it is mutually beneficial for interns and the college, and the college strives to make sure interns feel fully supported in their roles.

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