Fisher security warns commuters to be on alert after string of violent carjackings in Monroe County

By Jenna Costello '22, Staff Writer

Photo by Nabeel Syed on Unsplash

By Jenna Costello ’22, Staff Writer

Since March 28, 17 vehicles have been stolen in a series of carjackings in Monroe County. The incidents have become more violent — one resulting in a 71-year-old man being shot and killed, according to local news reports.

With approximately half of St. John Fisher College’s student body commuting, this has become a campus concern. Campus safety and security are well aware of the carjackings and have several security features in place to ensure students’ safety on and off campus.

The most common way carjackers carry out their crime is through bumping other cars from behind, forcing the driver to pull over and assess the damage. If bumped, students should not pull over or get out of their car. 

Instead, take in as much information about the situation as possible, such as where it occurred and the other car’s license plate, and then report the incident to local authorities.

According to Russell Reynolds, Director of Campus Safety and Security, being aware of your surroundings is the most important step to staying safe. “Going to and from your car, make sure your key is ready, and constantly scan what is going on around you.”

For those who don’t feel safe walking to their car, Fisher Safety and Security offers personal escorts 24/7.

Reynolds also assures students there are a wide variety of resources to keep campus safe, ranging from the 47 Blue Lights students can press when they need assistance, to security camera coverage, constant dispatch and 24/7 patrol. 

In addition, Fisher is surrounded by first responders with Fairport, East Rochester, Monroe County, and Rochester police departments all within a 3-mile radius, so help is never far out of reach.

As for personal safety, Brock Glann, Assistant Director of Safety and Security encourages students to always have their cell phone with them. “The best thing you can have in your car is something pretty much everyone carries anyways, which is your cell phone,” said Glann. 

“Make sure your cell phone is charged and with you, and make sure you can easily access those emergency numbers – 911 and the security emergency number.”

Stay safe Fisher!

Safety & Security Numbers

Emergency: (585) 385-8111
Non-Emergency / After Hours Shuttle: (585) 385-8025

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