3 Fisher friends become guitar trio after learning to play together

By Johnny Pagano '22, Staff Writer

Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

By Johnny Pagano ’22, Staff Writer

For some students, free time means playing video games or hanging with friends but for Nick Rino, MacGregor Winegard, and Nate Lewis it means making music.

“I can’t imagine my life without music.”

Rino has been playing guitar since March of 2020. He first began playing by picking up his sister’s acoustic guitar and eventually learned how to play the electric guitar. Rino believes that music has defined him as a person and provided him with an outlet to express himself.  “I’m constantly seeking inspiration through my favorite groups and musical groups.”

Similarly for Winegard, music has been a large influence on his life. “As long as I can remember I was singing in church choir, music class, and other choirs.” said Winegard. He began playing guitar seriously when he was 14 years old and has found musical direction through major artists such as John Mayer.  “I always had sound bites in my head in class thinking about how I would play stuff.” said Winegard.

For Lewis, music has not just been a hobby but rather a lifestyle. He began playing the piano in elementary school and eventually picked up the guitar in middle school. “I picked up the guitar and started playing it like a keyboard, using only the lowest string.” said Lewis. From that point on, Lewis began taking guitar lessons and following in the footsteps of influences such as Dave Matthews. 

“I think playing with other musicians can create emotions and experiences all across the spectrum” said Lewis.

The Fisher guitar trio can usually be found jamming in the chapel late at night or playing in the church band. As they have become good friends, they have found that music is what brings them together the most and has led them to grow as a person.

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