10 hidden gem study spots around the Fisher campus

By Erin Dickinson '24, Staff Writer

Photo by Erin Dickinson '24, Staff Writer

By Erin Dickinson ’24, Staff Writer

We all know the classic study spots at Fisher: the library study rooms, the dorm lounges, and of course Cyber Cafe. But when you dig a little deeper into what Fisher’s campus has to offer, you’ll realize that there are plenty of cozy nooks to settle into for your homework grind. In no particular order, here are 10 less active study spots to take advantage of on campus.

The Gaming Lounge

Upperclassmen may know this space as Cardinal Cafe, the previous home of late-night dining. But now, instead of milkshakes and late night Classics, the space boasts gaming consoles, board games, and plenty of PCs. Even if you don’t consider yourself a gamer, the gaming lounge has plenty of comfy seating options, from gaming chairs to some of the weirdest couches on campus. 


Being one of the only academic buildings not connected to the main academic corridor, Salerno often gets overlooked by those not taking classes in the School of Business. For students looking for a quiet place to study, the building tends to be fairly deserted in the evenings. There are options for every style of studying, including private study rooms, classrooms with projectors for larger study groups, and centrally located seating options. And for those who spend their time waiting for one of the coveted booths by the lockers to open up in the library, the main floor of Salerno features similar booths. 

Pharmacy lobby

This area, just a short walk from Skalny and the Integrated Science and Health Sciences Building, offers a wide variety of seating options. Whether you’re looking to study alone or to bring a group of friends, there are plenty of opportunities to make the space work for you.

The ISHS “Secret Lounge”

Tucked behind faculty offices and a lab, there is a large lounge on the second floor of ISHS overlooking A-lot. This is a great place to catch the sunset while you catch up on some reading. Feel free to settle in here for the long haul and bring your Ramen– the space also has a microwave available. 

Under Skalny 141

Photo by Erin Dickinson ’24, Staff Writer

The slanted ceiling in this study space might feel odd at first, until you realize it’s because the slanted floor of Skalny 141 is right above you. This space, officially named the Dr. Joseph P. Vacca ‘77 Student Commons, features a large whiteboard. This makes the space a perfect option for visual learners and study groups. The noise level varies based on the time of day, but an evening study session is ideal for students looking for quiet in this area. 

The second floor of the Campus Center

At the end of the day, when the Campus Center staff have gone home for the night, the quiet of the building’s second floor makes it an ideal study spot. There are both tables and couches available, as well as a few whiteboards. Be sure to bring your own dry erase markers, because they won’t always be provided in this space. 

Ralph C. Wilson Lobby

Fisher has no shortage of comfy chairs throughout campus, and the lobby of the education building is certainly no exception. For students who like to stretch out and get comfortable to get their work done, this area boasts at least a dozen couches and armchairs. This space tends to run on the quiet side, and is best for solo studying. 

Murphy computer lab

Let’s face it– living in Murphy can be rough. In the middle of the winter, once you’re back across Fairport Road for the night, the odds of you making that walk again to do homework are slim to none. Thankfully, Murphy is home to its own hidden gems for studying, including the computer lab. The room is small enough to resemble one of the private study rooms in the library and comes complete with a printer. No need to cross the street just to do homework and print something!

The Nest

Since the Nest is home to office spaces for some of the most prominent clubs on campus, some might think that the space is off-limits for the average student. However, even though the offices are reserved, the central area of the Nest is open for all students to study. With long tables and whiteboards available, this is a perfect space for a study group to cram for an upcoming test over some take-out from the adjacent dining hall. 

Basil 206

Basil 206 is one of two newly redesigned classrooms on the second floor of Basil Hall. The space is geared towards incorporating technology, such as the new iPads that each student has been given by the college. After class hours, the classroom is a bright, positive space to study, with whiteboards and projectors available for use

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