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By Scott Boyce ’22, Staff Writer

September 23, 2021: Nintendo dropped a direct along with a whole slew of games that will be dropping in both the far and near future. Here are a few of the showcases

Monster Hunter RISE is getting an expansion and it’s shaping up to be something to truly look out for. New monsters and a darker tone to boot. If you’re a fan of Monster Hunter, keep an eye out for this up and coming expansion. It will be released in Summer 2022.

Bayonetta 3 after nearly five years of silence has been brought out and it came swinging! Mysteries abound as a familiar, yet new face appears before us and joking as she normally does before showing off gameplay. The return of the witch in action has been made, and she’s about to take us all for a ride in 2022.

Kirby has been seemingly quiet but decided to come out with his first fully 3D appearance ever. Kirby and the Forgotten Land marks his jump nearly 30 years after his inception from the first game. Explore a seemingly desolate land with the colorful puff and see where the platforming fun goes with him. Keep an eye in the sky come Spring 2022.

Looking for some halloween flavored fun? The Castlevania Advanced collection whips onto Nintendo switch with four adventure and action packed games from the franchise’s past. Explore, grab your items and learn to broaden your skillset as you play through the games that further solidified “Metroidvanias.” This collection is available now as of writing this. Go and pick it up for $20.

If the name Yoko Taro rings any bells, prepare for emotions and an experience. A new RPG experience that plays in the form of tabletop games called: Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars. If you’re looking for something new and interesting with a director that has a storied history of having narratives that run you through with so many emotions, keep an eye out for this title on October 28., Don’t forget it.

In other news — the Super Mario Brothers movie that’s being handled by Illumination recently had a cast reveal. The results are in: Chris Pratt is Mario, shoving aside a name like Charles Martinet. Memes were had all over social media just as the entire presentation was getting wrapped up. No place was safe from memes, especially ones about Chris Pratt being Mario and Jack Black being Bowser. If you’re looking forward to the film for whatever reason, keep an eye out for developments.

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