Sustainability Club Kicks off Campus Sustainability Month with Beach Cleanup


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By Jenna Costello ’22, Staff Writer

The Sustainability Club kicked off Campus Sustainability Month with a beach cleanup to collect litter from the summer crowd on Saturday. Students met members of the club at Durand Eastman Beach with gloves and trash bags. 

“These little projects may not have a large impact by themselves, but when this sort of event is done across the country the combined impact can be significant,” said Sustainability Club Officer Tommy Farry. “We have to start somewhere, and once we inspire a few people to make positive change, they will inspire some of their friends and family, and the cycle continues- before too long many people could be positively inspired by our work.”

Creating a more environmentally friendly world is becoming increasingly important given the impending consequences expected if we continue down the same path. 

“The concept of sustainability is important to the overall health of the earth because it involves continuing to live in a way that we want while not depleting natural resources in such a way that damages the environment and prevents us from meeting the needs of future generations,” Farry explains. “At the core of sustainability is protecting our natural world so that it can thrive indefinitely.”

Sustainability Club is ensuring that St. John Fisher College is working towards this goal by spreading awareness and knowledge of how individuals can make a positive change in their lives. 

For those who are interested in making a difference but could not attend the in-person beach cleanup, Sustainability Club has provided the opportunity for students to do their own “virtual” park and beach cleanup. From this past Saturday, through October 17 students are encouraged to go out and do a beach or park cleanup on their own. Those who participate and send in a picture of their collection even have the chance to win a prize. 

For additional information on Sustainability Club, their Instagram page @fishersustainability or join the club on the Cardinal Hub


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