The Fisher Flock: Fisher’s own athletic hype section

By Madison Weber ’23, Staff Writer and Social Media Editor

Photo by Cardinal Courier staff writer and photographer Jenna Costello

Boasting an instagram bio that says “Fly dangerous,” the Fisher Flock is St. John Fisher’s own student-run athletic hype section. 

“I’m the one at the games getting fired up and getting people involved,” Dylan Stellmack ‘21, one of the founding members said. According to Stellmack, they aim to “build a supportive community on campus” while also seeing “people actually out there, and putting themselves out there at the games.” 

Stellmack said the idea started in a sports marketing class here at Fisher and has grown from there. 

“The idea is to get as many kids to as many sporting events as possible. We want students supporting students, and athletes supporting athletes,” Another Founding Member and Senior Bailey Reid said. 

Fisher has a high population of student athletes, so to get students involved in athletics and creating a fun environment at games is a priority for the Flock. The organization is under the wing of Sport Management club, but students involved don’t need to be a Sport Management major. 

According to Reid the only requirement is an interest in sports and student athletics. Stellmack added, “It’s all just for fun.” 

As a senior himself, Reid hopes to get as many freshmen and sophomores on campus involved as possible. “The more people that are involved, the better we will be and the better the culture will be” according to Reid. 

The Flock updates its over 300 instagram followers on a variety of sporting events and teams on campus, including rowing, tennis, cross country, soccer, volleyball, field hockey, football and more. These updates include sharing schedules, student-made edits, and game updates. Some teams have even started tagging the Flock in their own updates, so as to let the Flock share their updates.

As aforementioned, their bio reads “Fly Dangerous,” something Reid explained, “We are setting the goal to be outside the box, to be adventurous, and always be on the attack. There is a tradition of winning here, because we want to be number one. The ones that everyone else circles around, and to be that person you always have to be a little dangerous.”  

Stellmack went on to refer to Fisher athletes as “dangerous on the field.” 

Over the summer, the Flock had a shirt release and is planning to have another release in the very near future. Updates on the shirt release will be available on the Flock’s Instagram and shirts will be available to be shipped or picked up at Fisher. Stellmack says that the newest drop of shirts will be locally sourced from a business in the Rochester area. 

To get involved with the Flock, students can reach out to Reid or Stellmack, message the Flock’s instagram, and pay attention to Sport Management emails to see when and where meetings will be held. According to Stellmack, one of the best ways to get involved is to go to the sporting events on campus and just find the Fisher Flock. 

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