Fisher’s School of Business offers weekly parking spot to students

By Madison Weber ’23, Staff Writer and Social Media Editor

By Madison Weber ’23, Staff Writer and Social Media Editor

St. John Fisher College’s School of Business announced on September 9 via Instagram that it was holding a parking spot giveaway. At the time of writing, this post had 284 comments with students being tagged. The parking spot was announced to be “a reserved spot with a sign” in Salerno according to the post.

Salvatore Saunders, the St. John Fisher American Marketing Association Co-President, said that for the school of business, the parking spot was just a way to keep students engaged and to give back to the Salerno family. “We care deeply about our students and want to show that, in doing so we do bi-weekly giveaways to show our support and #salernofamily appreciation to all students,” says Saunders. 

“With the help of safety and security on campus and a connection of mine on campus, we were able to talk and make it a possibility.”

On October 12, the first winner of the spot was announced to be education major Kaitlynn Walker ‘23. According to Walker, she “saw people posting about it from the SJFC Business Instagram page,” and decided to try her luck. With parking on campus being a hot commodity on campus this semester, Walker says “there’s rarely good parking spots in the SLC so I wanted to try and win a good spot.” 

However, Walker admits that she “had the impression that I would get the spot for the entire semester and that it was in the nursing parking lot.”

According to the SJFC Business Instagram the spot is in Salerno. Each week, a new winner will be selected for the spot. According to Saunders, “Winners are selected by liking a specific post on social media, commenting on it, tagging three people, and resharing it to your story. We plan to create a new post for the entry this Friday so make sure you are on the lookout (on our Instagram).” 

The School of Business plans on keeping the giveaway running through the end of November. Students can keep updated on the school of business via instagram and on LinkedIn.

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