Dorm Friendly Cooking Ideas


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By Madison Weber ’23, Staff Writer and Social Media Editor

St. John Fisher College may have the best dining hall in the state, but on the days that you don’t want to waste a meal swipe, or the late nights turned into early mornings and the dining hall is closed, it’s always good to have options. College is often a student’s first time moving out and living independently, so it offers a unique opportunity to learn new things — like how to cook for yourself. I’ll be going through some of my favorite things to eat that you can actually make in the dorms! 

  1. Birdseye veggie rotini marinara is one of my favorite quick meals, ever. Even now that I live off-campus, I still keep a stash in my freezer. For $3, you get an entire meal that (seriously) you cannot tell is zoodles. My roommates and I roommates would go through at least a bag of them a week. Keep them in the freezer of your minifridge and when you want them, just microwave for three minutes, and your set. Who doesn’t love pasta — especially when it is made of vegetables and you can’t even tell.
  2. Salmon! All of the dorm buildings offer a mini kitchen set up, so invest in some olive oil, a frying pan, and a spatula and you’re set. Wegmans and most other grocery stores usually sell freezer bags of salmon filets. Either pull a piece out 6 hours before and keep it in the fridge or put it in a bowl of cold water for 40 minutes to thaw it out from the freezer. With Fisher giving back access to the kitchenettes to students, cook the salmon at medium for a few minutes on the stovetop with the olive oil. Once it’s cooked, you’ll have a delicious and filling meal that you won’t regret afterward.

    Photo of the kitchen in the Ward. by Ward Resident Ryan Trombly ‘25


  3. A quesadilla is really always a solid option. Buy some quesadilla shells and your cheese of choice, along with a protein if you want. Personally, I love to spice mine up a little bit with either sriracha or buffalo sauce. Just throw them on the stove in a pan and flip after a few minutes. If you’re feeling fancy, quesadillas are another thing that can be easily customized based on available ingredients and taste. Adding vegetables is a tasty and healthy option. If you live off-campus, check local Goodwills or discount stores for a panini press and it will revolutionize your quesadilla cooking experience. 
  4. Puffed rice cakes are a great snacking option that can be customized to pretty much any taste or craving. Personally, I love to smother mine with things like peanut butter, honey, fresh fruit, jam, seeds, and anything else that hits the spot. They’re healthy, but can be built up to be super filling. They pretty much sell them everywhere (and some of them even come with chocolate drizzle), and they are only a few dollars for a pack. Get creative and use the rice cakes as a foundation for a wide variety of tastes and flavors. 
  5. Soup — especially with the colder weather rolling in, a bowl of soup can be a great quick option. Wegmans has a whole selection of portable and microwavable soups, including Lobster Bisque, Beef Minestrone, Italian Wedding Soup, and more. These soups can either be heated on the stovetop or just microwaved. So next time you take the shuttle to Wegmans, pick one up and enjoy a warm bowl of soup for your next study break.

These are all recipes that I’ve found to be easy, quick, and delicious while requiring little to no actual skill in the kitchen. As someone who really does not have any sort of cooking experience prior to college, I’m always looking for the easy way out when cooking. Buy a pan and some olive oil, and you can master any of these. 


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