Looking to improve your gameplay? Here are some harder video games to try


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By Scott Boyce ’22, Staff Writer

Today we have a whole slew of games that test you and give you a hard time and some of them are really enjoyable at their hardest. Are you willing to endure and come out a better player?

Before going into genre specifics on improving your game, there are a few general mindsets and ideas that you need to know before you start your deep dive into harder franchises and more punishing titles.

Overall you need to be willing to endure when you make mistakes. Failure is a part of any experience and knowing your mistakes will allow you to make room for improvement later on down the road.

It’s going to be frustrating to constantly have your face put into the dirt, however, as long as you’re willing to get back up and keep on trying despite the odds that can or will be stacked against you, victory will be ever so sweet.

Some of these games can be either made hard through player choices (like fighting games and MOBAs) or are naturally increasing in difficulty as you progress, don’t be discouraged from taking on a challenge and learning something new from it. If anything you could take something from said experience and bring it to another character or genre.

Adapting, learning, and being willing to change and adapt as you grow, especially in the case of fighters, MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arena), RPGs, and strategy games. 

There are going to be things in said genres that force you to change your playstyle and you’re bound to mess something up, whether that being a specific strategy or even learning how to change from an offensive playstyle to playing on the backfoot.

Don’t panic, panic can lead to poor judgment and overall hinder your gameplay and game plan. Learn to breathe and control yourself, you might be in a sticky situation but as long as you keep your head on, you should be fine.

It’s okay to take breaks and unwind. Some of these games can be incredibly frustrating and it’s better to walk away and return with a calmer mind and a more focused state.

Now for said genres as mentioned before, some of these genres are going to either get naturally harder as the game goes on or it’s going to be hard based on your character choice, sometimes it’s a mix of both.

Fighting Games
If you’re looking to play fighting games, prepare to endure because all of the problems you’re about to have are going to be on you. It’s on you to learn those combos and get those punishments, it’s on you to block well and use your resources well, it’s all on you.

Don’t be afraid to look up guides or videos based on how you’re supposed to play or what to do in a specific match-up. We all look at guides sometimes.

Don’t forget, once you get comfortable with your character and moveset and the general gameplay; go ahead and learn to play the character you want to play them. Be creative while still optimizing your play.

Fighting games are like a toy box of systems, characters, and tools. It’s on you to find your own means of doing things and enjoying the game your way.

Role-Playing Games (RPG)/Strategy 

Turn-based or not, number games and strategy games are going to be seemingly hard to get into for a variety of reasons, whether they be flat-out difficult or aren’t too engaging to the public. 

However, if you’re willing to break through and seek out some action like SMT or Fire Emblem, then here are a few tips to keep you on your toes.

Grinding will make the games easier but there’s little fun in grinding out levels. You do not need to grind as long as you can strategize and play well. 

RPGs flow better and overall are much more enjoyable experiences without the grind. The grind should only really come for super bosses and post-game content.

In the case of both genres, learn to take your time when you really need to. Choices matter and so does your life. If something is getting really rough and you need time to consider, then take said time and breathe. You’ve got it.

Prepare for anything to crumble at a moment’s notice. Whether it be a critical hit you didn’t count on or everything going south, you need to make sure you’re ready to turn the tables around.

Coordination and communication is the key, even if your team is spitting bile, you’ve still gotta make sure you’re pulling your weight.

Akin to fighters, don’t be afraid to look up guides or builds that will help you get a jumpstart on your experience. The easier you can make the learning experience for yourself, the better.

Matches go on for a long time, so make sure that when you’re dedicating time to playing a MOBA, make sure that you’ve got anything that could take you away from the game out of the way. Losing one player could mean a lot to the entire match.

If things are going completely south, make sure you’re able to adapt and work with your team to turn things around. Even the worst situations can be turned into something more bearable.


If you’re looking to start perfecting runs and bettering your times, be prepared to hammer in and practice. You’re going to fail a lot and it’s going to be a lot of learning and getting to grips with any movement tech or mechanics the game has to offer.

As long as you stick with it and endure, you’re bound to start clearing the toughest of challenges and really start to plow through stages.


Did you find any of these tips helpful? Are there any games you want to be covered or titles you’re looking forward to? Email srb05787@sjfc.edu!


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