English 103

Writing Workshop

What is the Writing Workshop?

English 103 is designed to help writers who need extra guidance and feedback in order to succeed in their Learning Community courses. Only first-year students can take English 103, a supplemental half-credit course. The course has no set meeting time; rather, students schedule tutorials at their convenience. No extra work is assigned. Because students learn best by getting feedback on and revising their own work, we ask you to bring in any writing, reading, or research assignments on which you are currently working.

Course requirements: students must complete ten tutorials over the course of the semester. Students must come prepared; otherwise, the tutorial will be cancelled and will not count towards the required ten. Grades are based on the number of tutorials completed.

The Writing Workshop has many advantages. It gives students a great deal of consultation with experienced writers outside of class, writers who are familiar with Fisher faculty and curriculum. Most importantly, it provides writers with individualized feedback and guidance as well as a structure that offers them the additional instruction and support they need to succeed academically.

When and how will students be selected for English 103?

Students make this decision for themselves. The transition from high school to college is challenging: the expectations of and demands on students are more intellectually complex, and the need for good time management and study skills will probably be greater than students have experienced in the past. Writing Center tutors assist students in making the transition to college, not only in adjusting to more complex writing assignments, but in preparing for exams, doing research, reading and taking useful notes, and managing the workload without becoming overwhelmed and falling behind. In other words, all entering students can benefit from the Writing Workshop courses. If you find writing an especially challenging activity, you are encouraged to sign up for English 103.

How do students sign up for English 103?

If you would like to take English 103, simply complete an Add form, which can be obtained from Dr. Nicolay, Director of the Writing Center.

Only students who are officially registered will receive college credit for the Writing Workshop.

Writing Center Visits

English 103 students will each be required to complete ten tutorials over the course of the semester; only two visits per week will count toward English 103. Writing Center tutors will help track each writer’s progress by completing a Comment form describing each tutorial. A copy of each form may be sent to the writer’s instructor.

    • The average visit lasts about 30 minutes.
    • Appointments are made through FisherLink
    • Writers don’t necessarily need to be working on a draft to profit from a visit to the Writing Center. Tutors can help writers with brainstorming, revising, polishing, and other issues, including research and study skills.