The professor reserves the right to make minor changes to the schedule and reading assignments.

Date Topic Reading Assignment
January 14 Intro.
Flexbox Review.
January 16 Perception.
Javascript Review.
Mind: 1
January 21 Visual Structure.
jQuery I.
Mind: 2-3 Personal Portfolio
January 23 Color and Peripheral Vision. jQuery II.
Server Space/Filezilla.
Mind: 4-5 jQuery “Fun House”
January 28 Web Reading. Recognition. Decision Making.
CSS Animations and Transitions.
Mind: 6, 9, 12.
January 30 Attention. Eye-Tracking Experiments.
Text Effects and Smooth Sliding Menu.
Mind: 7-8
February 4 Learning.
Scroll-Activated Animation and Parallax Scrolling.
Mind: 10-11 Children’s Educational Site
February 6 Coordination and Time.
Documentary History. Documentary Planning.
Mind: 13-14; “What Gives Documentaries a Voice of Their Own” by Bill Nichols in Introduction to Documentary [Blackboard] ; “Documentary History” by Michael Rabinger in Directing the Documentary [Blackboard]; Mapping: Framing and Digital First [Blackboard] SEMINAR
February 11 Midterm Exam: Mind  + Javascript/jQuery debugging Midterm Exam
February 13 Video Editing.  Media on the Web. “Zen and the Art of Documentary Editing” by De Jong, Knudsen, and Rothwell in Creative Documentary: Theory and Practice [Blackboard]
February 18 Interactive Documentary  + Journalism; Net Neutrality Lab Mapping: Key Tensions
February 20 User Interfaces. Lab. “The Documentary Designer: A List of Propositions for Interactive Documentary Practice Online” [Blackboard] “User Experience vs. Author Experience” by Sandra Gaudenzi in iDocs  [Blackboard]; “Designed Experiences in Interactive Documentaries” by Siobhan O’Flynn in Contemporary Documentary [Blackboard]; Mapping: Case Studies [Blackboard] SEMINAR
February 25 Interviewing/Cinematography “Interviewing: Gathering People’s Stories” by Fadiman and Levelle in Producing with a Passion [Blackboard]
February 27 Lighting. Net Neutrality Interactive Doc.
Spring Break
March 10 Web VR Video lab
March 12 Bootstrap Layout.
March 17 Bootstrap Visuals (margin/padding, fonts) Documentary Proposal Due
March 19 Bootstrap extras (buttons, menus, etc.)
March 24 Documentary Layout Workshop
March 26 PHP  PHP/mySQL: 2-3
March 31 mySQL PHP/mySQL: 5-6
April 2 Creating Forms/jQuery Validation PHP/mySQL: 4 (skim)
April 7 PHP and mySQL PHP/mySQL: 7
April 14 Social Media. Google Maps; timeline.js; “Telling Stories with Data” by Nathan Yau [Blackboard];
April 16 Lab
April 21 Lab PHP/mySQL assignment due.
April 23 Lab
April 28 Lab
April 30 Class Demonstrations.  Evaluations. Interactive Documentary due w/Documentation.
Friday, May 1 Research Symposium: 1pm-4pm.
Finals Week Course Reflection due.