Learning Objectives

Course Objectives

  • Understand the principles of creating an effective web page, including an in-depth consideration of information architecture.
  • Become familiar with graphic design principles that relate to web design and learn how to implement these theories into practice.
  • Develop skills in analyzing the usability of a web site.
  • Understand how to plan and conduct user research related to web usability.
  • Learn the language of the web: HTML and CSS.
  • Learn techniques of responsive web design, including media queries.
  • Learn CSS grid layout and flexbox.
  • Develop skills in digital imaging (Adobe Photoshop.)
  • Be able to embed social media content into web pages.

Program Goals
(for Media and Communication, Media Management, Digital Cultures and Technologies)

  1. Students will develop an understanding of the formalistic (aesthetic) aspects of design and visual communication. [MM/MAC only]
  2. Students will demonstrate cross-platform (web, mobile, broadcast, print) storytelling skills. [MM/MAC only]
  3. Students will demonstrate a consideration of audience and/or users in their production work. [MM/MAC only]
  4. Students will become familiar with graphic design and/or game theory and be able to apply this theory to real world projects. [DCT]
  5. Students will implement techniques of information design to interactive media projects, with consideration of a particular purpose and audience. The design decisions should be informed by these factors. [DCT]