Date Topic Read Assignment
9/6 Introduction. What is Coding?
9/8 HTML/CSS (the basics); Web Servers at Fisher Computational Thinking” by Jeanette Wing; “What is Code” by Paul Ford in Bloomberg
9/11  p5.js: Fundamentals/Drawing/Color HTML and CSS; Make: chapters 1-3;
9/13 p5.js: Variables Make: chapter 4; Appendix A: Coding Tips; B: Order of Operations; C: Variable Scope
9/15 For loop and if…then statements; Detecting the Mouse; Lab  Assignment Page due
9/18 Bouncing
9/20 basic AI with for statements; lab
9/22 more Bouncing; collide2D library  Moving Drawing due
9/25 p5.js: Response & Interaction Make: chapter 5 [much of this chapter is already done]
9/27 p5.js: Functions  Make: chapter 9  
9/29 Images and Fonts  Make: chapter 7
10/2 Lab [either assignment]
10/4 Math and Movement and Motion Make: chapter 6 & 8; Trigonmetry  Pong Variants due
10/6 Lab day for Drawing Pro 5000
10/9 Arrays Make: chapter 11 (165-174)
10/11 Lab Day for Word Art Drawing Pro 5000 due
10/13 No class: Recess Day
10/16 Exam Practice
10/18 Exam Review
10/20 Midterm Exam Day 1 Prepare for exam
10/23 Midterm Exam Day 2 Prepare for exam
10/25 Objects [Intro from Cameron]  Make: chapter 10
10/27 Arrays of Objects  Make: chapter 11 (174-178) Word Art due 
10/30 Interactivity and Arrays; Examples for Assignment.  In-class exercise. Math Paper due
11/1 Generative Art lab
11/3 No class: Prof. Sarachan at Conference  (Cameron will be in lab to assist)
11/6 Computation in Society I “The Relevance of Algorithms” by Tarleton Gillespie from Media Technologies: Essays on Communication, Materiality, and Society; “The End of Code” by Jason Tanz in Wired
11/8 Computation in Society II“The Cathedral of Computation” by Ian Bogost;”What Kind of Sorcery is This?” by Samuel Arbesman in The Atlantic  Generative Art due
11/10 p5.js interaction with HTML/Data Make: chapter 13 (206-210)
11/13 Data; Make: chapter 12;
11/15 Teach-In (alternative activity): Meet in Mac Lab ‘The Place of Code’ Paper due
11/17 Data Lab
11/20 Newsgames; play5.js  “Current Events” from Newsgames by Ian Bogost, Simon Ferrari, and Bobby Schweizer [Blackboard]; “The 10 Political Games Everyone Should Play” by Keith Stuart in The Guardian
11/22 No class: Thanksgiving
11/24 No class: Thanksgiving
11/27 Present Game Idea; Github  Data Visualization due
11/29 Player Movement Lab
12/1 Sound; Review Techniques Upon Request  Make: chapter 13: 201-206 Newsgame research and Specifications due
12/4 Lab
12/6 Playtesting I
12/8 Final Surveys/Lab
Wed. 12/13 from noon-2:30 Play Newsgames Revised Newsgame due