Fall 2019 Honors Courses

HNRS 275 P1 Lucia Guarino Topic: Science Fiction MW 2:30-3:50

HNRS 280 P2 Joellen Maples Topic: “Trigger Me:” Examining Race, Bias, and Taking Action MW 4-5:20

HNRS 285 P3 Fernan Cepero Topic: Metamorphosis: Change Management & Paradigm Shifts W 6:15-9:20

HNRS 290 P4 Munawar Karim Topic: Technology and Progress TR 9:30-10:50

We will offer 6 sections of Honors 101, a 1-credit seminar for which we will need upperclass mentors, for Honors credit.

If you’d like to work on TEDxSJFC, you can do so for Honors credit!

Visit this Google Doc to keep up on future plans.

Posted by / February 12, 2019