Research Symposium Friday 4/26

Honors students are all over this year’s Symposium in Clear Auditorium:

The 2019 Student Research and Creative Work Symposium begins at 1pm. Look for:

1 pm: Gabby Kielbasinski takes to the mike to officially launch The Review. Come by our table in Cleary between 1 and 2 to see the real thing.

1-2pm Julia Detmer “Protest, Patriotism and Civil Rights: 1968 Olympics and Colin Kaepernick”

1-2 Glenn Roschetzky “Pharmacogenomics: Is This The Future For Medicine?”

3-4 Julia Majkrzak “Essential Oils Effecting Daphnia”

3-4pm: The Science of Food class explains principles of food and cooking, with edible illustrations! (in Cleary)

If you’re presenting with one of the other classes, let me know!

Posted by / April 25, 2019