HNRS 285 P3: Metamorphosis: Change Management & Paradigm Shifts

W 6:15-9:20 Prof. Fernan Cepero

In today’s global environment, individuals and organizations must change in order to survive and be effective.  Thus, change is a constant in home, school, and work life and, therefore, future leaders need to have the ability to effectively manage and lead change initiatives.  This course develops your understanding of change processes and provides you with practical skills for managing and leading change.  Specific course objective include: 

  • Review and discuss theoretical frameworks and research evidence that can guide approaches to change. 
  • Acquire skills needed to lead change.
  • Apply course concepts/theories and practical skills to analyze organizational change as well as implement personal change.  

HNRS 290 P4: Science Fiction

MW 2:30-3:50 Dr. Lucia Guarino

Science fiction (SF) films, novels and television shows provide authors an opportunity to push the boundaries of what is currently possible and explore the implications of these developments for society. In this course, we will look at examples from recent SF that explore topics ranging from telepathy to robots, from energy weapons to terraforming other planets. Then, we will examine the reasonableness of these using scientific literature and experiments to evaluate the ideas. 

HNRS 280 P2: “Trigger Me”: Examining Race, Bias, and Taking Action 

MW 4-5:20 Dr. Joellen Maples

This honors course will provide an in-depth exploration of the theory and practice of learning and living in a diverse and pluralistic society. Students will actively explore the ways socio-cultural practices simultaneously support and marginalize different groups of people. As a foundation for building an understanding of contemporary issues of diversity, students will explore the ways in which language, literacy, culture, and experience influence the construction and deconstruction of knowledge at the societal, institutional, and individual level. Furthermore, we will discuss issues of intentional and inadvertent discrimination as it occurs societally, institutionally, and individually. Such interconnected exploration seeks to problematize our role in the construction and maintenance of a hegemonic ‘landscape’ for learning. Throughout the course students will discuss and interrogate issues related to social justice, with particular emphasis on the investigation of the discourses that create inequity in society. In addition to readings and film, students will be involved in off campus activities and will plan and propose a campus wide action plan to deal with racial inequities on campus.

**Note that Nursing majors cannot use this P2 as their required ethics course.

There will be a 4th course, which will most likely be P1 but possibly P5.  Changes were made at the last minute. My apologies.

Honors 101 

This one credit seminar is for all entering freshmen.  The fall 2019 class will be much larger, and so we will have at least 6 sections (and so need 6 upper level students). It is possible that we’ll have more than 6 sections (I very much hope NOT).  At this point I will teach two of them.  Three will be offered at the same time (and the other three at the same time) so that periodically the three groups can join for an event or just a larger discussion.I might try to do another section for transfer students and new-to-honors.  I would want a student for that class too.We will have a shared summer reading and an orientation day that will be part fun and part discussion. As soon as I know the times it will be offered, I will let you all know.No core, will count as one Honors “course.”  We will register you for Independent Study later in the spring or early in the fall. Use the link on the Announcements page of our Honors Organization BB page to apply/sign up.


There will be three levels of involvement with the TEDxSJFC event this year.  Up to three people can get 3 credits for being in charge of the event.  This provides you excellent practice in event and people management skills, as well as being a wonderful leadership opportunity.Then another 3 can get 1 credit, being part of the team but with less responsibility.Last anyone who wants to can volunteer to work the actual day of the event – we always need lots of hands that day – not for credit. Just joy.Meeting time will be set after we know who is participating.  We will register you for Independent Study credit later in the spring or early in the fall. Use the link on the Announcements page of our Honors Organization BB page to sign up.

NOTE: last year’s group suggested that we plan to hold the event in January.  I will leave that to this group to decide, but we will need to have at least one meeting before spring semester ends to make some of these fundamental decisions.

Remember that you can also get Honors credit for doing an Honors Study Abroad Project   while you’re studying abroad, for doing work as a Summer Research Scholar, or for doing Honors-level work in your major.

Reserves and over-registration

If you are in the position of needing a particular Honors course for a particular reason, or if you try to register for a class but it closes too quickly, please do not write to the professor, but to me.  I keep the lists.  I DO let in a few students beyond the 18 listed – guaranteed 2 (to a cap of 20) and sometimes more.  Never much more though. Use the link on the Announcements page of our Honors Organization BB page to sign up.

Coming up…
Spring 2020
Honors Extension: EITHER Civil Rights Bus Tour OR Public & Community Art (Rochester and NYC)Meets 5/11-5/22  Includes a fee
HNRS 275 P1 Metaphors in every day life Prof. MJ Iuppa, English
HNRS 285 P3 Understanding Crowd Behavior Dr. Tim Franz, Psychology
HNRS 290 P4 Universe Building Dr. Kris Green HNRS 295 P5 Understanding Italy through food Prof. Stella Plutino
HNRS 375 (Juniors and Seniors only): Inside The Wire Dr. Todd Sodano

Making “beer” in HNRS 295: The Science of Food