Fisher through the years . . .

alumni-weekndWelcome, Fisher Family! It’s Alumni Weekend, and it wouldn’t be complete without a trip down memory lane. Stop in to Lavery Library and take a stroll through your class yearbook. On display all weekend, main level of library.









Also on display in the corridor outside the library, a pictorial history of the Library.lavery-history1




Thanks for the memories!


Jenny Bigenwald, Serials Assistant & Christina Hillman, Assessment & Online Program Librarian

What do you know about St. John Fisher, the man for whom the College is named?

What began as a severed head turned into a compelling history lesson on Thomas More, John Fisher, and the tumultuous times of Tudor England.

In March 2016, Irish actor Bosco Hogan, who is best known for his portrayal of John Fisher on the Showtime series, “The Tudors,” spent a week at St. John Fisher College.  Hogan, invited to Rochester by Dr. Tim Madigan, performed his one-man show, “I am Ireland: An Entertainment of W.B. Yeats” and shared his experiences playing Bishop Fisher.

At the conclusion of his visit, Bosco Hogan presented Professor Madigan with a unique gift – the authentic prop head used to film the beheading scene.  The head is now an artifact in the permanent collection of the St. John Fisher College Archives.

alas-poor-fisher-i-knew-him-wellThe head, with all its lovely gore, became an inspiration for a display.

In 1534, both Sir Thomas More & Bishop John Fisher refused to sign the oath in the Act of Succession.

They were convicted of treason and imprisoned in the Tower of London.  In June and July of 1535, they tim-and-stmwere both executed by beheading.  Four hundred years after their deaths, they were canonized by Pope Pius XI, May 19, 1935.

Stop in this semester to Lavery Library’s main level and check out thead-and-boscohe display including the prop from the show, “The Tudors.” See all the events on campus celebrating the 500th anniversary of Sir Thomas More’s Utopia, September 30th to October 27th.


Be sure to keep your head and have a great day!


Jenny Bigenwald, Serials Assistant

Nancy Greco, Archives Librarian

Puppets and Puzzles and Games . . . Oh My!

curriculum_center_fall16 002First-time visitors to Lavery Library’s Curriculum Center, located on the Lower Level, often have that Alice-Down-the-Rabbit-Hole feeling for an instant. It can be a bit surprising to suddenly find yourself surrounded by life-like puppets, games, puzzles, and children’s books.  If you become a user of the Curriculum Center though, you will understand that its uniqueness is its value.  Those of us who work in the library notice that students from across campus find the Lower Level a comfy place to study.

While the most frequent users of the Curriculum Center are the students and faculty in the School of Education, the entire college community enjoys borrowing from the Curriculum Center.  Children’s books never fail when preparing a lesson, planning a family trip, reading aloud to children, or tackling a serious topic with a little one. The Young Adult books world is currently on fire, so much so that adults are often caught reading them! Browse the shelves for your favorite flavor…real-life issues, mystery, or fantasy at its best.

curriculum center postIf science and math are on your mind, take a look at Reptile Bingo, friendly bear counters, tangrams, or Qwirkle. Ever used a Vernier Lab Pro to collect data about velocity while riding a roller coaster? There’s even a kit of materials for teaching about digestive systems — appropriately titled Poop.

The Accucut die cutter can be fun for creating displays for a classroom or for making a welcome-home banner for your best friend.  This handy device can cut paper, thin fabric, and sticky-back foam.  Once found only in K-12 teachers’ lounges, access to this device has inspired folks across campus to find dozens of uses for it.

The puppets find their way into everyone’s hearts. Would you like to cuddle a chameleon or have hugs from a cuttlefish? In fact, during exam week, puppets were caught riding up and down the library elevator! These little critters can work magic in the classroom as many a K-12 teacher will tell you.

Sure, teaching and learning are serious matters. Still, if teaching and learning are the meat and veggies of life, then the Curriculum Center resources are the spice and sugar. Next time you are in the mood for a treat, pop down the Lavery rabbit hole to the Lower Level and see for yourself.

May you forever find fun in learning,


Kathi Sigler, Education Librarian

Welcome (back) to Lavery Library and Fisher!

On behalf of everyone at Lavery Library, I  want to say hello! If you’re returning or just starting your journey, be assured we welcome you as part of the Fisher Family.

This year we are launching our very own blog (Letters from Lavery) as a way of communicating library news, behind-the-scenes stories, and sometimes just a funny anecdote. We want to let you know we are more ms and cardnalthan just a book warehouse, and our hope is that through these letters you will learn more about what we are doing behind-the-scenes  to help you be successful here at Fisher. Whether it’s finding articles for your research paper due tomorrow, tracking down a resource through Interlibrary Loan, sharing the forgotten past of St. John Fisher College with our newest Fisher Family members, or just  providing a quiet place to study and grab 20160122_090130_resizeda cup of coffee between classes, we strive anticipate your needs and help you to succeed.

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For up-to-the-minute news from Lavery, follow us on social media.  Any schedule changes and quick announcements will be posted there.

Best of luck this year,


Melissa Jadlos, Library Director