What do you know about St. John Fisher, the man for whom the College is named?

What began as a severed head turned into a compelling history lesson on Thomas More, John Fisher, and the tumultuous times of Tudor England.

In March 2016, Irish actor Bosco Hogan, who is best known for his portrayal of John Fisher on the Showtime series, “The Tudors,” spent a week at St. John Fisher College.  Hogan, invited to Rochester by Dr. Tim Madigan, performed his one-man show, “I am Ireland: An Entertainment of W.B. Yeats” and shared his experiences playing Bishop Fisher.

At the conclusion of his visit, Bosco Hogan presented Professor Madigan with a unique gift – the authentic prop head used to film the beheading scene.  The head is now an artifact in the permanent collection of the St. John Fisher College Archives.

alas-poor-fisher-i-knew-him-wellThe head, with all its lovely gore, became an inspiration for a display.

In 1534, both Sir Thomas More & Bishop John Fisher refused to sign the oath in the Act of Succession.

They were convicted of treason and imprisoned in the Tower of London.  In June and July of 1535, they tim-and-stmwere both executed by beheading.  Four hundred years after their deaths, they were canonized by Pope Pius XI, May 19, 1935.

Stop in this semester to Lavery Library’s main level and check out thead-and-boscohe display including the prop from the show, “The Tudors.” See all the events on campus celebrating the 500th anniversary of Sir Thomas More’s Utopia, September 30th to October 27th.


Be sure to keep your head and have a great day!


Jenny Bigenwald, Serials Assistant

Nancy Greco, Archives Librarian

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