10 Reasons to Support Open Access

Top 10 reasons to support open access

1. Access works anytime, anywhere

Even if you leave the higher education field and no longer have access from your institution

2. Frees your library to spend money on other things, like books and services

3. Free for all with an internet connection

4. Encourages international collaboration

5. Increases impact metrics of your own work

Called the citation advantage

6. Share your research

How many times have you posted a link to your new article on social media, but none of your friends can open it without paying?

7. Reduce barriers to learning outside of higher education

i.e. younger learners and armchair academics engaging with scholarly research

8. Exercise your rights to access funded research

  • Did a government grant pay for that article’s production?
  • Did tuition dollars pay for it?
  • Why should the people who paid for its production have to pay again to read it?

9. Make learning more affordable

10. Accelerate scholarly publishing lifecycle

Share your scholarship sooner through pre-prints, open conference proceedings, and open peer-review

Happy Open Access Week!

Kourtney Blackburn, Access Services Librarian
Ben Hockenberry, Systems Librarian

Author: Benjamin Hockenberry

STAFF @ 9/12/2011 10:37:07 AM

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