Wrapping up . . .

book-warppedWe at Lavery Library hope all of our Fisher Family had a great fall semester! The library saw one of its busiest semesters yet–hosting nearly 200 people during our peak hours. We love seeing you here, getting the chance to help you learn and grow, and, most of all, we love how you  make the space come to life every day.

Check out some of the highlights from fall 2016 at Lavery Library:

We can’t wait for your return in January!

Final Exams . . . wait, wasn’t it September last week?


Every year Lavery Library is bustling during the week leading up to finals and finals week (Lavery hours). We see record-setting numbers of students at our Research Help Desk, and finding someone hunkered down with their laptop and notes in a quiet corner is common. It can get noisy on the Main Level with students finishing up group projects, late night study sesskearney2ions, and the breaktime chatter. But fear not, the quiet floor is still quiet, and if you desire even more solitude, you might  be able to score a study room. My favorite spot on the Upper Level in L316 — it has a great view of Kearney!

But if you already have your spot picked out and are just wondering what we are offering this year in the way of snacks, here’s a look at the list: finals-week-post

  • Apples
  • Candy
  • Cookies
  • Drinks

Lest we forget, stress relief:

  • Coloring
  • 10-minute Chair Massages (Tuesday & Wednesday night)!

And if none of these are for you and you just want to use the space and bring your own snacks and drinks, we don’t mind. Just remember, bring enough to share (at least with the library staff).

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