Father Lavery Wants to Know . . .

If you spend any amount of time in Lavery Library, you must have seen the rolling whiteboard that moves around the building, asking a different question every two weeks. We started the question wall in the fall 2015 semester, and we’ve asked over 30 questions of our students since then.

Our 20-person staff work hard — at service desks, and behind the scenes — to make your experience in the Library the best possible. We know there is always more that can be done, or things we do now that could use some tweaking. We have our own ideas, but most of all we want hear your ideas!

Father Lavery Wall Questions

Questions we have asked include:

  • “What is your ideal study environment?”
  • “What type of furniture would you like more of?”
  • “What should we have available for checkout?”
  • “What does the library need to do better?”
  • “What new movies, games, books should we buy?”
  • “What technology does the library need?”

Some of the changes we have made in direct response to YOUR suggestions:

  • Added Keurig coffee machine with variety of options
  • Changed selection of free refreshments provided during Exam Week
  • Added study tables throughout building
  • Bought a dozen new bean-bag chairs in a more supportive style
  • Moved noisy classroom off Quiet Floor
  • Added sound dampening to doors on the Upper Level to cut down on noise
  • Added charging stations and adapters for laptops/tables to furniture in Learning Commons
  • Added graphing calculators and colored pencils to materials available for Checkout.

How many places that you visit ask what you want — and then actually make those changes? Lavery Library should top your list. Watch for our upcoming questions, and add your responses — even the crazy ones. We want the Library to become your favorite place on campus!


Author: Christina Hillman

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