Where in the world did that book come from?? The story of Interlibrary Loan

There is no way we can own every single article, book, and movie the Fisher Family might need. But luckily, there are still ways to get access to these items! Interlibrary Loan allows us to borrow items from libraries all over the world. This way, you can still get that important book or article, even if Lavery doesn’t have a copy!

Royal Danish Library

While we borrow many items from neighboring libraries like SUNY Brockport, Nazareth, and U of R, Interlibrary Loan is international and allows us to borrow items from not just down the street, but across the country, and around the world! In 2016 alone, we borrowed hundreds of books from libraries throughout the United States and from libraries in New Zealand, England, Scotland, and Germany. We also received copies of articles from libraries like the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen, Denmark, and from the British Library in London.

british library
British Library

Since we borrow items from around the world, Lavery Library also returns the favor by lending our own items to libraries that need them. Our books have traveled to universities  such as Yale, Penn State, and Cornell in the United States, but have also been to libraries in Canada, the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Australia, and even Thailand. In the past couple years, our small college in Rochester, NY has sent 22 books to libraries in Denmark!

The next time you pick up an Interlibrary Loan book from the Checkout Desk, take a look at the paperwork and see from where in the world your book came! And the next time you check out a book from our collection–who knows—maybe it just came back from a trip around the world.

thank you ILL

This Letter From Lavery was penned by: Alicia Marrese, Interlibrary Loan Coordinator

Author: Christina Hillman

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