Welcome to Lavery Library #Fisher2021

And to all our returning students, faculty, and staff — welcome back, we missed you!! The Library is too quiet without you. We hope you had a great summer.

This summer we completed a lot of projects. The biggest was our move to a new Library Management System; we welcome your constructive feedback about the new library features. In other news, and just in case you missed the news back in May, we won the Rochester Regional Library Council’s Academic Library of the Year. We are so humbled by all of our Fisher Family’s kind words about the Library and our staff. Thank you for very much!

get otter here, you're making me blush

We began Letters from Lavery last fall as a way to keep all of you up-to-date with Library news and share behind-the-scenes stories, and as we move into year two, we will keep writing to you, our Fisher Family. We publish bi-weekly throughout the semester. Never miss a post! Subscribe here: https://projects.sjfc.edu/laveryblog/feed/

Best wishes for a great year,

Melissa Jadlos, Library Director

Melissa Jadlos bookfaceP.S. Come take a look at the Lavery Library BookFace display — make your own bookface and tag us on social media #LaveryLibraryBookFace

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