Bringing the arts to you…

Although Fisher is not an arts campus, Lavery tries to bring the arts to you!
Joseph Sorrentino talks about his work capturing images of workers in the fair trade coffee industry in Oaxaca, Mexico.

From having local artists display their work, and share their creativity with the Fisher Family, to simply decorating the library with art prints from artistic masters, Lavery Library is always thinking of ways to bring arts and arts programs to campus.

Campesinos in Cuetzalan, Puebla, sort through dried coffee beans, selecting the ones they’ll use to plant.


Exhibit openings give everyone the opportunity to meet the artists and hear them speak about their work.  Sometimes the artists agree to include a workshop for a hands-on arts experience.

Do you like the art prints in the library? We try to bring you the most well-known artists, and their most iconic pieces!

We move them around frequently, so that you’ll get see them all!

Each semester students from the Arts Minor classes share their work with us.  At the end of each semester the Student Art Show lets us see the work and also hear from students as they present their works of literature and poetry.

We hope you enjoy the art!

This Letter was written by Nancy Greco

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