Finals are here!

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Wow, Fisher, this semester flew by for everyone at the library! You’ve kept us super busy with everything from research questions at the Help Desk, to drinking all the Pumpkin Spiced coffee K-cups, to reshelving all the books you’ve borrowed, to finding you new puzzles for #stressless.

But, as the semester is wrapping up and you’re frantically preparing for finals, don’t forget the library is here for you. Whether it’s a quiet study room on the upper level, a study break with friends to work on the latest puzzle, or just a quick snack on your way out the door, Lavery Library staff strive to make the library a welcoming and supportive place for everyone on campus.

It’s been such a great semester; we’ve seen lots of new faces along with all the familiar ones, and we can’t wait to see you all back here in January.

Have a great winter break!!!

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