About Letters from Lavery

To our Fisher Family,

Letters from Lavery is a collaborative effort by the library staff to showcase the work happening behind the scenes in the library everyday! You may think you know what happens at the library, but what about the story behind the Curriculum Center (and all those puppets), or the displays cases (which always seem to match up with campus events)? Who buys the puppets, or makes sure they are available for you to checkout for lesson planning (or stress breaks during finals)? What about those display cases: where do the books, pictures, and objects come from, and who actually creates the displays (and why)? The blog also gives us the chance to showcase library resources that will help you with your research. Take for example PolicyMap, an interactive mapping and analytics tool for United States data; or CultureGrams, which might just help you plan your study abroad.

The Blogging Team is committed to bringing you new letters bi-monthly. Sometimes they will be informational, like an upcoming letter about our newest glass case display on St. John Fisher and Sir Thomas More; other times they might be educational. Keep a lookout for the letter coming in October about being an informed voter. The letters we write are here to help you learn a little more about Lavery Library and the staff.

So pull up a chair and learn a little more about the heart of the Fisher campus.


Letters from Lavery Blogging Team