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By Grace Sambuchi ’21

I have thoroughly enjoyed interning at Causewave. They really made sure my experience was as beneficial as it could be despite it being remote. I have gained a lot of experience and new skills throughout my time there.

One of the big projects I have worked on during my time at Causewave was developing a social media plan for Larry the H2O Hero. Larry the H2O Hero is the face of the Monroe County Stormwater Coalition that Causewave partners with. I created content for Larry’s Instagram page and scheduled when that content was going to be posted using the platform, Monday. I created content for various holidays and environmental days. I also created a challenge called the “Larry Challenge” where I encouraged Larry’s followers to take a picture when they spot Larry on the storm drains around Monroe County on their story and I reposted their story to Larry’s page. I also started something called “Water Wednesday” where I featured a different body of water in Monroe County on Larry’s Instagram each Wednesday.

Another one of the big projects that I worked on during my time at Causewave was the intern group project. The other three interns and I developed a week long social media campaign regarding Causewave’s response to COVID-19. We named the campaign “Causewave Cares: A Nonprofit Helping Other Nonprofits Navigating COVID-19.” I designed a Facebook banner highlighting our campaign and we created a weeks worth of social media content and organized the content in a content calendar. It was a little challenging to work with a group of interns remotely, but it was a useful experience.

I worked on many smaller projects throughout the semester, as well. I learned how to create a survey in Survey Monkey and distribute it. In addition to survey creation, I learned survey analysis and how to create a presentation that sums up the findings from the survey. Another small project I worked on was creating Facebook content for the PathStone Foundation advertising their virtual event. That was a great experience because I communicated with the client directly via email to make sure the content was exactly how she wanted it. I also had the opportunity to participate in one of their Coffee & Consults that they offer at Causewave. These are free meetings that they offer nonprofits in the area to help them get started. The meeting was with Freedom Scholars Learning Center. I thought it was a great experience because I was able to witness and participate in what they do at Causewave.

I met with my two supervisors each Monday to go over the work I did the previous week and to assign me more tasks for the week. My supervisors were very helpful and always ready to assist me when needed. They made sure that I got the most out of my time at Causewave. I completed a goal sheet for them which they frequently referred to to make sure I was getting what I wanted out of my time there. Even though my internship was remote, I gained a better understanding of what it is like to work with a team in a professional setting as well as what it is like to do work for a client.


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