Dresden PR

By Shannon Munier ’22

As my internship at Dresden Public Relations winds down, I am reflecting on what I’ve learned in my time with the DPR team. I am walking away with such great experiences and a much more well-rounded understanding of the field of PR. It’s been great to get to see all aspects of what the team does and to have a seat at the table where I feel that my opinions and input truly matter and are valued.

I got to work on a range of different things throughout the semester. One of the most valuable experiences was learning how to conduct industry research. I learned what it means to work with groups that you might know nothing about. My experiences in the past have closely related to my personal interests. I worked on social media for a coffee shop that wanted to appeal to college students for PRIMA last year, I promoted programs to high school students at my last internship, I’ve done work with the business school at Fisher highlighting student work – these were all topics that I knew about, and demographics that I understood because I was a part of them. Working at Dresden was the first time I was doing work with clients that I truly knew nothing about. I learned how to apply my skills from past experiences to new worlds that I wasn’t as familiar with. This was so valuable because once I get a job in the field, chances are I’m not going to be working solely with groups that fit into my personal interests and targeting groups of people that I also identify with. You have to be able to learn about new topics in order to apply your skills to those areas and do a good job.

I’ve learned a lot about social media work as well. I’ve done a bit of graphic design work for clients. This was different from the graphic design work I’ve done in the past, because I had to take into account what these clients’ images already were. In past experiences, it was my responsibility to use my creative skills to create an image. This time, I was using my creativity to find new ways to incorporate visual elements that were new, but still fit a brand image that has already been created. Beyond making graphics, I also got to see how it works to run social media platforms for clients behind the scenes. From working on content calendars, to finding new content that would be fitting for these pages, I got to see how each of these pieces all come together to create an image for a company. 

Beyond gaining experience in so many different parts of the industry, I was able to form close relationships with Dresden and the rest of the team. It was a fun environment to work in. The laid back nature of the experience made me feel comfortable to offer my insights and really become a part of the team. I believe that I am walking away from my time here with long-term connections and experiences that will truly be beneficial to my work in the future.

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