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By Gabby Garcy ’21

My internship at Dresden PR was an amazing learning experience. Over the course of my internship, I was able to gain a better understanding of various aspects of public relations and experience firsthand the fast paced, ever-changing work environment.  

The small but experienced team at Dresden PR was a positive working environment that I benefited from because I was in constant communication with everyone.  Since there were only a few of us in the office each day, I got to know each member of the team well because they were welcoming and willing to help me with any project I needed advice on.  The environment was extremely interactive which made my time with the team informative but also enjoyable.  Every day that I was in the office, we worked together collaboratively which allowed us to discuss our ideas and receive guidance when needed.  

I was one of three interns for Dresden this semester, which meant each of us were able to work on projects specific to our interests.  Within the first week Dresden asked each of us what we were looking to gain more experience with and what we were passionate about.  She also asked us which clients we were interested in working on projects for.  I was able to express my passion for social media to her, and once I did I was immediately tasked with helping create multiple social media content calendars for a few of our clients.  My title was quickly changed to the Social Media Coordinator to reflect the social media work I was performing. 

Specific assignments that I completed throughout the semester were continuously updating a website throughout the semester, organized a photo drive that contained over 5,000 photos, scheduled social media posts via Hootsuite, drafted and created weekly e-newsletters on Mailchimp, and travelled to various locations in the Rochester area to take photos and videos for clients.  Once I went through the content I took at these locations, I would upload and organize the content to box.com so we could easily find content when needed in the future. 

Towards the middle of the semester, we gained a new client that came to us looking to grow their social media presence.  The client was a pop culture podcast that was planning on releasing a new season of episodes and wanted help promoting them.  I became heavily involved with this project and scheduled their weekly social media posts, offered advice on which content would work best for which social media channels, had regular meetings with the client, and even helped them design buttons for merchandise. 

One of my favorite parts about my internship was that I was invited to attend all promotional events for our clients.  This included multiple TV interviews, radio interviews, and public events that our clients hosted.  I enjoyed each of these opportunities since I was able to watch first-hand the process that goes into creating a news or radio feature. 

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