Interning for Nexus Licensing Group– Operations Assistant


My Time at Nexus Licensing Group

By Jack Kelleher ‘22

The primary goal of any internship is to gain as much real-world experience as possible.  While many interns may not have any major tasks assigned to them, it’s vital to pay close attention to all the little steps that go into completing a job successfully.  As the internship progresses through the semester, it should become more and more difficult.  All to help the individual decide on whether they want to pursue what they just experienced after graduation.  This is exactly what I experienced at Nexus Licensing Group.

My whole goal was to gain as much knowledge and contribute to anything I could.  At Nexus, I got all of these and more!  Brian Young, owner of Nexus Licensing Group was a great supervisor.  He was very supportive and positive but knows when to turn the burners on to get what needs to be done, done.  He taught be lot of what he knows about the licensing space, he has been in it for 25 years and has a ton of experience which I was able to take some points away.

One of my first tasks was making close to 8-10 presentations on our client’s annual reports which describes their sales, royalties.  I was responsible for writing an executive statement, creating excel charts and graphics, a slide with suggestions and what the future may have in store. Not one day was the same, I was tasked with writing letters to three different companies who were selling one of our clients’ marks (logo) without their permission.  As mentioned above, I have gained a lot of knowledge in the trademarks and marks space and what can and can’t happen for different brands.

At Nexus, we represent lots of different licensee’s, who all have different products.  But one I’d like to mention is TopShelf Prints.  They started working with us during my time at Nexus.  They are a canvas printing company that makes a custom paint splash effect for their prints.  The catch is that schools, colleges, or individual photographers can make a 10% commission on their sales.  Once you are all set up, you will get a partner design page, and a link that you can provide to the student and parent population to upload photos.  Once sales are made, you would get a cut.

I took the lead on this account and was responsible for client on-boarding and customer success.  I was lucky enough to talk and convince clients to join TopShelf as a partner affiliate.  I was able to use my own network of professionals to talk to, they also put me in contact with others who could benefit from this.  I was responsible for adding a few partners to TopShelf’s company which I’m very proud of!

Being an intern at Nexus also allowed me to take part of several pitches to perspective college clients.  Colleges are who make up most of our clients.  Nexus Licensing Group’s primary focus is on its client’s success and satisfaction. This is primarily accomplished by cultivating and managing meaningful connections between its clients, their licensees, and retail partners.  Nexus takes pride in its role as a facilitator between the brand owners and licensees to drive licensing strategy that specifically supports the institution’s brand ethos and vision for its licensing program. To that end, in addition to managing existing licensee relationships, Nexus advises its clients on licensing opportunities that will support its program’s growth.  One of clients that we pitched to was Virginia Tech, which is still in the works, but to be part of convincing a client of that magnitude is incredible.  This is a client who does roughly over a million dollars in royalties per year.


I was extremely lucky to have been part of a company like Nexus who cared about an intern like me, who wanted to gain as much experience as possible.  I’m confident in saying that I have gained knowledge that I wouldn’t have in any class.  I would highly suggest students to complete an internship either at Nexus or another company because it really broadens your spectrum and opens your eyes to different aspects that you didn’t think of prior.  These skills and experiences all can be taken with you after graduation and into the professional world!  — Jack Kelleher





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