Interning at Center for Progressive Nutrition

Around July 2021, I was approached by Marjorie Livingston who was seeking help updating her website and social media accounts. She had an idea of where she wanted to take her brand but was looking for extra help to take what she already had created and make it new. After some discussion, we decided that I would work as her social media and marketing intern in the fall, to help re-create her brand.

Marjorie is a registered dietitian, who specializes in integrative and functional nutrition therapy and eating disorders. She owns her own practice, Center for Progressive Nutrition. To start the internship, I knew I had to assess the current state of the brand and create goals for where we wanted to be. I did this by creating a marketing proposal document.

Our main goals were to: create a more seamless brand experience (by creating a consistent brand look across platforms), polish and update the website (some elements were outdated), and drive traffic to the website (in order to create more brand awareness). After some assessment, I determined that the website was going to be the biggest project of the semester, as it was a great starting point for updating the brand.

After sitting down with Marjorie over Zoom, I was able to determine that our target audience were those 40 years of age and older with eating disorders or disposable incomes who were looking to improve their health. Many of the existing patients lived in Greenwich, CT where Marjorie has her practice. From this information, I was able to decide that Facebook would be the best social platform to promote the brand (because generally, it would be the 40+ population’s social media of choice).

The website platform used was GoDaddy. This was my first time working with that platform and I found it to be very user friendly. I used Canva to update the logo and other images/ graphics on the website. I also worked to update the website copy and re-organize pages and text to make a more user-friendly experience.  I added links throughout the website copy to help easily direct users to other areas of the website. I was even able to add html to link outside programs Marjorie used for booking appointments. I also used code to help to reformat webpages.

The website was my favorite part of the internship, once it was published, I felt so accomplished. Marjorie really helped along the way when we were stuck on aspects of the website, she was always able to contact someone or point me to someone who could help.

The next big part of the internship was re-creating the Facebook page. I really enjoyed doing research about Facebook Marketing, because I really was unfamiliar with using the platform for a business. I struggled at times understanding all of the little nuances of Facebook, but by the end was able to understand how to efficiently use the platform. For the Facebook, I updated the about info, profile picture (created a logo in Canva), cover image (created in Canva), and the about info. I also created and scheduled two posts to start building up the profile and creating brand awareness. These posts were “About Us” and “Meet Marjorie,” they both included links to the website.

I think that the work I did this semester is a great starting point for the brand. I am excited to see where it will go in terms of advertising on Facebook and website traffic. Perhaps in the future Center for Progressive Nutrition could even make use out of other platforms such as Instagram. I am so grateful to have had Marjorie as my supervisor, she really supported me along the way.

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