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This past semester I had the pleasure of interning at Northwestern Mutual Financial Services. Coming into the program I had no prior experience with finance, so I didn’t really have too many expectations. I knew that it was going to be a great learning experience and that was my primary focus coming in. However, I was aware how highly recognized the program was as 2020 Vault Guide to Internships ranked the program as the top ranked internship for training/mentorship & networking opportunities. Also being recognized as a top 3 internship for financial services, top 10 for career development, and top 10 for employment prospects. 

As a financial representative at Northwestern mutual my primary responsibility was to sit down with clients and put together a financial plan for them. This consisted of an extended process that involved reaching out to clients via phone call, then setting a time to meet to gather financial information, putting a plan together, and then presenting the plan to the prospect. When sitting down with a well-established adult it was common to bring in a senior advisor if they were out of my wield house. Just to use it as a learning experience. I also used LinkedIn to both build a brand for myself in this career field and prospecting for people that might be interested in sitting down. I typically would just gather phone numbers of those people instead of direct messaging on the platform. Having effective communication skills was extremely important as I moved through the process of working with a client.

The connections that I made over this past semester were most likely my favorite part of the internship. I came in with a very large class of twenty other interns that I was able to build relationships with over my time there. I was given the opportunity to build friendships as well as professional connections that could help lead to something in the future. Those professional connections coming from other interns as well as the senior advisors in the office. Not to mention all the prospecting that I did connecting with connections of connections. Overall, my network of people has grown dramatically through this experience.

Although the networking was my favorite portion of the internship I don’t think it is the best thing that it has to offer. A career as a financial advisor offers the opportunity to earn great money while also working for yourself. Having the ability to create your own calendar can provide for a very nice work to life balance. Personally this is a large reason why I am heavily considering this as as career option. I have always wanted to own my own business and that is essentially what you are doing at Northwestern Mutual. Unless you decide to work on a team of advisors, which is not offered through the program. All of these benefits of the career field on top of the fact that you are helping people achieve financial security. I would most definitely recommend this program to anyone that has an interest in working for themself, earning good money, and helping others.

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