Like a Girl

Johnny Pagano, Political Science, ’23

The predetermined mold that girls are pushed towards in today’s society can be detrimental to their growth and development. The advertisement titled “Always #LikeAGirl”, depicts a series of movements that random people are asked to perform as if they were a girl. The movements include running, fighting, and throwing. The older adults and boys perform the movements pathetically unlike the younger girls who appear to be strong and tough. The video states that a girl’s confidence is in decline during puberty around the age of ten to twelve. Internal confidence is significant to have as a child because it allows them to be themselves and find their identity. Another visual clue to point out during the advertisement is that there is no sign of stereotyped girly colors on anyone’s shirt. This creates a sense of empowerment among the girls in the video. A question then appears on the screen that states “When did doing something like a girl become an insult?”. As a sign of strength, the question is never answered because being a girl should be something to be proud of. 

The predisposition of being a girl can cause many girls to fear being themselves. During an interview in the video, one of the women stated that “running like a girl” should mean running like herself. This standard of what it means to be a girl should resonate in the eyes of everyone. The difference in gender should not define who someone is, but the individual and their own ability should. Towards the end of the video, the woman in the blue dress states directly, “I wake up in the morning like a girl because I am a girl. And, that’s not something I should be ashamed of. So I’m gonna do it anyway.”. This powerful and self-confident statement creates a tone in which girls are who they are and should not change just because someone tells them to.

The meaning of this ad in relation to society presents a much larger issue. In society, there are larger problems such as women’s rights and how women are treated in relation to men. This ad goes farther than just running or throwing like a girl, but rather relates to women in all aspects of life. In the world today, many feminist groups are protesting women’s equality and ability to climb the ladder in the workplace. Although this issue needs to be addressed, it is a false statement to assume that women have no capability to hold powerful positions. In 2020, women such as Kaleigh McEnany and Kamala Harris hold very influential and demanding jobs. This advertisement is focusing on the way people view women rather than their direct ability. The phrase “Like A Girl” can be used as reverse psychology to show the power and determination that it takes to be a girl in our society. Through women who have paved the way for equality over the years, we can now live in a world where everyone has a fair and equitable opportunity to succeed.