U.S Election in Today’s Society

With the U.S election taking what seems to be forever, many people on the internet are creating memes about the election. Most of them directed at Nevada for the speed they are counting votes at. This one in particular has Count Dracula in it from the popular kids tv show Sesame Street. The character, who was aimed at helping kids count numbers, laughs every time he says a number, making for a longer time to count numbers. I do find these memes very funny but it’s the thing about memes itself that really affect our society. So many are directed at a certain group of people and most of the time make fun of them. All across social media are people getting mad or even sometimes banned for making funny videos and memes directed at groups of people. These types of memes are not ok.

Memes are the life blood of the internet. They stem from popular real-life events like the U.S election and creates harmless fun aimed at someone or something. But it seems almost everything that happens in society is turned into some sort of meme. Where do we draw the line? What should and shouldn’t be a meme? For something as national and as important as the U.S election, I feel like we should as a society should intervene and say that’s enough. But memes are more than just a harmless laugh here and there. When creating memes about extremely sensitive topics like the BLM movement, memes should not be so widespread and shared, even created at all. It’s destructive to our society to always be joking about a topic and some people are usually offended by the meme in a way.

During the BLM protests a found some memes being created on the internet very problematic and racist. And with the internet being so popular, everyone is going to see that meme. I like memes personally and find a lot of them very funny but not ones that make fun of a situation as sensitive as the BLM movement. This just creates more and more separation in our society. In the popular social media app, a lot of people have been banned for making videos and memes about groups of people that are directed in a way to make fun of them. This creates a lot of hate and is just not good for our society, especially the kids that use these platforms every day. Some of these videos include people making fun of the LGBTQ+ community. Social media platforms have done something but not enough to address these problems. I fear in coming years this problem will only grow and grow with no end in sight.

There needs to be a line drawn in society that memes and videos have to stay behind or face serious social problems. We have to be careful in what we put out on the internet or risk getting in serious trouble, something no one wants to happen.