iPhone ad



Omid, Ghulami

Even though the Internet has become the dominant media in the contemporary world, television and its products remain extremely popular among the audiences of all kinds. A number of massive social trends have taken place over the past couple of decades. One of the most important trends concerns the representation of the social diversity of the American population in the media, as well as the growing scope of themes and issues discussed on TV. Apple advertisements are a great example. Apple is one of the well-known electronics brands in the world. Millions of people were waiting in the line to get their new phone devices at the Apple store. This tiny device has many impressive characteristics that attract consumers. Every year the company comes out with new device features with a new advertisement to catch the consumer’s attention.

    The advertisement was established to attract electronic consumers. Apple is trying to convince young people, adults, and the old generation to buy the new iPhone. The audience of the advertisement is people who are interested in technology and new devices. The advertisement grabbed the audience’s attention and made them more curious to get to know the device because most customers are affected by celebrities. The advertisement is showing the front side of the iPhone with a running finger on the screen. The background of the advertisement is black with a statement that reads: “touching is believing.” On the bottom of the advertisement the white text is reading: “The revolutionary new iPhone is available at Apple and AT&T retail stores.” So, the new iPhone is now available at Apple and AT&T stores. Not to mention the background music was slow at first and then started to get more interesting as they started to show more of how the new IPhone would look like. Which I think is very interesting because the background music kind of introduces a new theme and communicates with the audience. Also it engages with the audience’s emotion and captures their attention, which is what they want to get out of this advertisement. In general the purpose of the advertisement is to convince customers to come to the Apple store and buy the new iPhone. Apple claims that their electronics are for all ages. The ad reads: “touching is believing”, which is used to picture the phone that they are advertising. Apple states touching is believing because they claim that their device is all about touching. Touching the screen would be for those who are interested in technology. As I mentioned previously, Think Different campaign had changed the world and changed Apple to a better company that holds one of the best brands all over the world that could grab the customer’s attention. 

    Nowadays, Apple has many competitors such as Samsung and Blackberry. The purpose of the advertisement is to sell the company devices to the customers. Also, to send a message to customers that Apple is not the same as any company that sells electronics and that’s a good reason to buy electronics from Apple. This achieves their goal by providing people with an engaging advertisement, in which they not only tell people about what they have to offer but they also use things such as the background images, the lighting and the background music to engage with the audience’s emotion. Which encourages the audience to buy the new iPhone.