Are There Underlying Prejudices in Yellowstone

In this scene from season 1 of the show Yellowstone on Paramount Network you see a ram truck driving fast down the road when the person inside, John Dutton sees a  grizzly bear in the field. He then sees a group of foreign tourists, predominantly Asian very close to the bear. He quickly pulls over, grabs his rifle and goes out to the people trying to get them to move away from the grizzly bear. He asks them if they are out of their minds and he tells them to move back because the grizzly is extremely dangerous and could eat somebody. The tour guide who is also Asian says to Dutton that the bear seems friendly and that they won’t get any closer. Dutton sees this as them stating they will not leave. So he tells them that they are on his property, which they are. Dutton precedes to show them his property line, which is very large. He tells them that they are trespassing and flashes them his badge. The tour guide then begins to speak some sort of Asian language to tell the tourists what’s going on. A man in the group then begins to say something I cannot understand. The tour guide tells us and Dutton what he has said. The man said that “it’s wrong for one man to own all this land and that the land should be shared with all the people”. Which seems to make Dutton mad and he shoots his rifle into the air. The group quickly ran back to the tour bus. Dutton fires off another round and sees the man who said that he should share his land. Dutton says to the man “This is America, we don’t share land here”. 

From this scene in the show we can see that this man does not really seem to like foreigners. Especially Asian tourists. This could be from some sort of racism that he has, or has learned over the years, or some stereotypical biases towards asians. We cannot truly understand the cause of it from just this scene. You can also see how American culture and Asian culture are different. The Asian people think that land should be shared, and this American man does not believe in sharing land. When he tells the Asian man that they don’t share land in America, maybe he is insisting on China’s communist ideology and everyone sharing and making equal amounts of everything. This could be a hatred that can stem back to the Cold War, where America was very strongly against any sort of communism. It also could be a prejudice against  Asian people stemming back to World War 2, where we were at war with Japan. We as viewers are supposed to realize that this man really does care about his land and is willing to do a lot of things for it. If you watch the show, you will understand and know what this man, John Dutton, will do to protect his land. Land is very important in many states and to lots of people in America, depending on where you live. From this scene I think we can imply that our society isn’t very welcoming to foreigners. I’m not saying that it implies to everyone, but there are a lot of people in our country that still have underlying racism and prejudices in their beliefs. I think we can see one of these from this scene.