Behind The Unknown Childhood

Jessie, a childhood show that most of us watched growing up. What is the hidden truth behind it? A children show, showing how happy kids are with their nanny. This show portrays issues of race, class and differing abilities. There are white parents who adopted 3 kids, one African American, another Indian and another white, with already having a child of their own. In the show they live in a penthouse apartment in New York City with a butler and redhead nanny. In this show Christian who is the mother of these five kids is married to a white man.


Christian can be looked at as a “global mother”. A global mother is seen as a white woman in the media who is a mother figure who is seen as loving, soft and pure. The common modern assumption is that a white body is a healthy body that is meant to nurture and care for others. As Princess Diana did, this show reveals the same idea of a woman who has a lot of power going overseas and adopting kids or taking care of kids that’s not their own. In Jessie, Christian is seen as the mother who is loving and kind and would do anything for her kids but also has a lot of power within the media being a producer.


The parents are seen as absent a lot of time, which also connects to the real world. There are a lot of absent parents in this world and it is mainly the fathers. Not necessarily never in their life, just never around enough. The workaholic father comes around when he feels it is right and doesn’t pay attention to his children, lets them do whatever they want and gives them money. This is an issue because it is telling society that you can have a successful life and be in a higher class but if you have kids you are not going to be able to spend time with them. You have to put your work life first and hire a nanny and butler. 


Jessie is the nanny, a redhead nanny who wants to be an actor but isn’t good enough, so she is hired to be a nanny and has a temporary job. They trust their children with a stranger their daughter found on the street. In history it is known that redheads are unlucky and are the devil worshippers. The message this is conveying is that it is okay to choose anyone to have your nanny if your child really wants it. I do not think they cared enough about it. They did do a background check but they agreed and went on in life. Jessie became a parent. She dropped them off at school, went to their shows, made them food, tuck them in, when this is a parent’s job. The butler and the nanny live where their parents were always traveling and never home and let them have what they want while Jessie who had no kids and was young was disciplining them. 


Robbie got made fun of in school for his culture. He dressed in his Indian clothing, talked in his accent and got made fun of. Which made him want to change and be like his brother Luke. Who was the cool dumb kid everyone like. He never did his homework or paid attention in school and always asked Robbie to help him. Zuri was African American, the youngest spoiled brat who got anything she wanted. Emma, who was Christian kid, was the eldest but was blonde and she played into the stereotype of the uneducated blonde girl, all who cared about makeup and boys. 


These stereotypes and categories are all played out in the show. It reveals how families are, the oldest(Emma) thinks they know it all, the youngest is spoiled(Zuri), the middle is unnoticed (Robbie)and the teenager is rebellious(Luke). When the show ended the mother realized her kids needed her so she came home to stay and be with her kids and Jessie got a role as an actor.