“Do You Hear Me?”

“Do You Hear Me?” was an advertisement released September 20th, 2021. This ad focused on raising awareness for women that have health concerns and how they are unheard. For this ad they partnered with tennis champion Venus Williams to help spread awareness. This ad brings up the biases that women face in healthcare. The ad wants other women to connect to it on a personal level to know that they should not be ignored based on their gender, age, race, body size, education, or by the clothes they wear.

Many women are often written off when it comes to talking about their health and their bodies. During the ad it says “Would you hear me if I won another title? If I had more diplomas? If I dressed a certain way? Would you listen if I was more assertive or less assertive? If I wasn’t black? If I was older, younger, thinner, louder? If I wasn’t a woman?”. These are just some of things women wonder about if that’s what it takes for women to be heard in healthcare. After watching this ad I could not believe all of the reasons women feel like is the reason why they are not being heard. Women should never have to go out of their way to be heard about their medical concerns. When women talk about their health they should never, ever have to question if they are being heard by healthcare professionals. 

This ad can come off as something very impactful for many women. In a way it can help other women that are having the same concern of being unheard when it comes to their health concerns. This ad can help them so they know that they are not alone and how we need to change this issue immediately and spread awareness. The topic of women’s health is not something women should be scared or ashamed of talking about. For me personally this ad has opened my eyes to see that there are a lot of ways women feel like they are not being heard when it comes to their health. When healthcare professionals are not listening to women’s concerns it could lead to them not being diagnosed, a misdiagnosis, or even sometimes an unexpected diagnosis that was not seen at all.  

The ad was directed specifically for women and not men. Men could have the same issue of feeling like their health concerns are not being heard. This ad could have included both women and men in this ad so that both women and men’s health concerns can be heard. Many Women can agree that women’s health concerns can sometimes be unheard, but mens health concerns can be too. Men sometimes have a harder time voicing their health concerns. The creators of the ad Blue Shield of California should be more aware and include both men and women for this topic. By including both women and men in the ad it can help stop the bias that only women’s health concerns are not being heard, when it can certainly be both women’s and men’s health concerns not being heard.