No Angels

The image I provided below shows an advertisement by the retail company Aerie which is an intimate apparel and lifestyle retailer owned by American Eagle Outfitters. Aeries sell a variety of lingerie such as bras, and other undergarments, with sleepwear, loungewear, and much more. One of Aerie’s biggest competitors within this industry is Victoria Secret who further provides their customers with the same type of apparel. However, the advertisement I provided below is an ad by Aerie which is shown in black and white. Within this ad we see a group of women in Aeries own apparel to advertise Aerie’s very comfortable clothing, but a much bigger message is presented throughout this ad. These women are of a variety of ages, races, and body types as we observe this photo. Presented in front of these beautiful women is an enlarged and bold hashtag of #ImNoAngel. This advertisement is both criticizing one company and one issue in our world today involving women, however it further brings awareness and light to this issue through this ad that Aerie provides to the world. Aerie is criticizing their competitor Victoria Secret within this ad. Victoria Secret every era has a runway show where they show off their new apparels of lingerie with models. However, every single year that Victoria Secret has put on this runway show it only consists of models who have a thinner body type. These models usually have flatter stomachs with a so called “hourglass” figure. Aerie is criticizing Victoria Secret within this advertisement by exposing how Victoria Secret only seems to focus on that one body type of the “hourglass” and does not see any other body type as a norm that should be out in the world’s eyes. Nevertheless, Aerie that very smart company they are brings light and great awareness towards body image. Aerie wants everyone woman to know that their body type is beautiful. It does not matter if you are thinner with that hourglass body, or have bigger or smaller breast, a wider stomach or not, everyone’s body type is beautiful. Not everyone is an angel Aerie says and that is okay. No one has the same body type and that is what makes all of us beautiful individual and woman. I believe that Aerie was trying to create good business engagement within their customers and to have everyone see good within this retail company, however I feel that Aerie wanted to do much more than good business image. I believe that Aerie wanted women to feel confident within the body they have and that they do not need to look like one of those Victoria Secret model angels. There is no body type norm in our society. Everyone body type is beautiful, and you should feel confident and empowered in your body. I am sure this photo shoot for this advertisement for these women was very lively. I mean look at the smiles of their faces as they show off their very own body figure. Their smiles radiate towards the audience Aerie was advertising too as well. From my point of view, being a woman, who shops at one of these retail stores it brought happiness into my life and mind. This advertisement of these models loving, enjoying, and feeling comfortable inside of their own bodies makes me want to do that same. I believe that Aerie brought great awareness towards this issue women have of how they see themselves. This advertisement did not make me feel bad about my body type or that I need to change how I look, rather it made me feel empowered and confident like I could accomplish or do anything. Today, more and more people shop at Aerie with this retails great support of confidence and empowerment to all women and their variety of body types.